Where to Buy Survival Gear? – Complete Overview, Tips & More

Are you planning outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, hiking, or an adventure? Then, you will need a couple of things to take along. It may be quite challenging to find some of these things; thus, survival gear is a perfect solution. With a kit, you get to pack these tools to survive in one place – for an organization.

Generally, survival gears contain durable and useful tools, mostly for emergencies; however, they vary in content from one brand to another. Therefore, it is possible to say that the different types are dependent on how you would like to pack for a journey.

Types of Survival Gears

There are two classifications of survival gears, namely:


Light-pack Gears: For an outdoor activity that wouldn’t take you more than a few hours, a light-pack gear is the most suitable. It contains simple tools or pieces of equipment like

  • blankets
  • paracords
  • flashlights
  • pocket knives
  • mini flashlights, etc.

Indeed, it is an everyday-carry kit.

Bug Out Bag

Medium-Pack Gears

If you are spending a few days, you may want to pack a little more than usual. A medium-pack gear is a blend of light packing and heavy packing for your survival.

Heavy-Duty Gears

For an outdoor activity that involves an individual or several people spending days to weeks either camping, backpacking, etc., heavy-duty gears are useful. They mostly contain emergency supplies, tactical vests, belts, etc.

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What are the Best Brands to Patronize for Survival Gears?

If you are looking for where to buy survival gear, you may want to patronize some brands because of their reputation. These brands have top-tier products that ensure all your survival needs are met in a single backpack or bag. Check out the following brands below and their best survival gears on the market.


Garmin is one of the most popular brands globally; today, it is known for making high-quality survival tools. This brand assembles wristwatches and a collection of improved tools with advanced technology to ensure great use during any journey or adventure.

One of their best survival tools includes the Tactix Tactical GPS Navigation Watch, which is useful in tracking location and reading weather. It is indeed an excellent customer choice when it comes to surviving extreme conditions.


Another exceptional brand in the business of making survival gear for the outdoorsy is RoverTac. Even though it is a small company based in Cyprus, it has produced several survival gears to aid an exciting experience. It is dedicated solely to research and new designs for some of their best tools like knives, hammers, etc.

For instance, RoverTac Pocket Knife is the best available survival tool from the brand on the market.


For more lightweight, high-tech, and innovative survival gears, Marchway is an excellent choice of brand to patronize. This brand makes sure backpackers, campers, and even hikers get the best tools for survival.

A top-selling product from Marchway is the durable, Ultralight Folding Camping Chair which has excellent features for effective performance.


Vestergaard was established in 1994, and ever since has been one of the best-leading producers of survival tools and gears for use. They are the world-leading producer of the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle, which is useful in survival situations.

Apart from these brands described above, there is a list of others whose survival gears guarantee maximum performance.

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What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Survival Gear?

Please ensure you have done your research well enough to pick what is the most suitable to use before you buy survival gear. With reasonable consideration of the following factors, you should get something worth a good value for money from any of the brands mentioned earlier.


First of all, the durability of survival gear is an essential factor to consider before buying one. With good body construction, it can withstand harsh situations without failing in quality. Besides, some of them have been designed waterproof and weatherproof.

Thus, you get to use them anywhere and at any time of the year. You should always bear in mind that it isn’t your regular packing gear; therefore, it needs to be a little sturdier and more substantial for these situations.


Buying something online means you are capable of the cost it is being offered. Therefore, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay for a survival gear of your choice. Interestingly, there are gears under $50 and others that are more. Hence, you should pick something within your budget and use it effectively whenever the need comes.


If you have survival gear, without a doubt, you would have to replace some tools when necessary. Therefore, the possibility of restocking is also another essential factor before you choose a survival gear online to use. Some of these top brands have restocked facilities to help you whenever you need one.

Ease of Use

Sometimes, your survival depends on how easy you could use some of the tools in gear. You wouldn’t go for a bag with different tools that may be quite impossible for you to use, especially in emergencies.


Most importantly, the convenience of packing and carrying the gear from one location to another is crucial. Even though you could be spending a couple of days or weeks on – a long-term survival adventure, you still need simple, portable gear. When you go for something impossible, you may end up being uncomfortable throughout the entire experience.

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Where to Buy Survival Gear?


Everyone has several things they love spending money on; it doesn’t matter how much, as long as you enjoy its use. For outdoor enthusiasts, i.e., campers or backpackers, survival gear is a must-have. The reason is not only because it provides every tool that could help in emergencies but also makes the experience better and memorable.

That being said, if you are looking for where to buy survival gear, the above brands are perfect to put into consideration.

Tell us what survival gear you will be choosing.


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