Why would you want to live like a savage? What are the benefits? – General Guide

Civilization and technology have allowed the world to move forward at an unprecedented pace. In the present world today, we have phones that allow us to reach people thousands of miles away, and we have supercomputers capable of the most amazing things.

We also have transportation mediums such as cars and airplanes that allow us to move long distances within a very short time.

All these discoveries have made life easier, but the truth is mother nature didn’t plan for these developments. Human beings have evolved beyond the earth’s natural plan, and we have flourished for thousands of years.

The problem right now is that nature has started seeking balance on its own; climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and other ecological problems are nature’s way of drawing the line on human beings’ behavior.

The primal hunter-gatherer instinct of man intended only to take what we need for survival and consider other animals in our pursuits for comfortability.

However, because of “greed,” human beings have come this far, and there is no turning back now. The institutions have been built, the structure is clear, and bureaucracy is here to stay.

As a survivalist, if you decide to abandon man’s modern ways and go along with the tenets of our ancestors, you might find yourself facing a challenge.

Regardless, there is a lot to learn from living like a savage, and there are certainly benefits to derive. This article has compiled why a person would rather live like a savage and the benefits they enjoy when they make this choice.

Benefits of Living Like a Savage

Why would you want to live like a savagePromotes Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is a status that most rich and hardworking people think they have achieved; the truth is that they wrong. People put a lot of faith in their investments and money sources.

They also rely a lot on electricity, smartphones, cars, airplanes, processed food, pumped water, and almost any other thing you can think of.

Human beings are subject to objects of comfort, and they fail to realize this fact. If the electricity goes off for one full year in the United States, you are looking at an inevitable unimaginable catastrophe.

Living like a savage ensures that you can always take care of yourself no matter what the situation is. Self-reliance, in its true form, means being able to survive without any external help or influence.

Gives You a Freer and Happier Life

Most human beings in this world are constantly unhappy. They feel trapped in their bodies, and they feel burdened by societal obligations.

The reasons for this state of mind are always the same or similar; their job is stressing them out, their boyfriend is no longer interested, their parents never showed them any love, and the list goes on.

Some people are unhappy that they can’t socially keep up with the ‘joneses.’ They cannot afford the latest Tesla or the latest iPhone. All these things were never meant to matter in the first place. All that nature intended for us is to feed and reproduce in a communal environment.

If there is one thing that living like a savage will give you, it is peace of mind and happiness. You no longer have to worry about bills or an overbearing boss. You don’t have to worry about building a business or paying school fees.

You can live as you intended to and enjoy the rest of your life. Happiness has been defined by society; you can redefine it.

Allows Us to Appreciate Nature and Its Gifts

Nature is truly beautiful. Those folks that love outdoor experiences have a good reason for that love. After you go camping or you go fishing, you always feel refreshed and renewed.

Nature has a way of clearing your head, and that is why most people take a drive when they want to figure something out or want to get something off their minds.

Jeff Bezos was rumored to have figured out Amazon’s business plan when driving through the stateside. This is the magical effect of nature, and this is the comfort that mother earth intended for human beings.

The stress and problems that come with trying to structure our society have led to so many wars and discord over the centuries.

Nature is beautiful, and human beings are a part of that beauty. We were not meant to live in high towers and work in gigantic buildings.

Human beings were meant to cater to each other and only survive on what they needed. Living like a savage will teach you to appreciate nature’s true beauty and its gifts.

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Teaches You to Listen to Your Instincts

The ancient hunter-gatherer clans learned how to use fire, and they began to hunt game for feeding. These hunters always had a sixth sense that allowed them to foresee dangers before they happen to respond adequately. They interpreted animal movements and distant noises within seconds, and they promptly protected themselves.

Today, this sixth sense has been subdued in over 75% of the human population. Human beings now prefer to focus on hard and practical things like bureaucracy, routine, and status.

Your instincts are rarely wrong, and they warn you when you are about to make a mistake, like getting in a bad relationship or making a phony investment.

Living like a savage will reconnect you with your inner voice, and it will sharpen your primal instincts. You would be able to recognize danger long before it happens, and you would always be on the alert.

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Living like a savage will require you to have a shift of perspective. The process might be hard, but when you finally start enjoying the peace and the calmness of mind that comes from living this way, it will be hard to go back.

Human beings’ selfish desires have mauled nature’s purpose, but it is hard to deny that the quality of life we have today is much better than the ones our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors had.

Before you decide to live like a savage, you should make sure that it is what your mind truly wants.

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