Bug Out Book Review Scott Williams – Complete Overview

Preparedness means being ready for whatever may. For some people, bugging out has never been a significant highlight of survival; on the contrary, it is needed in every imaginable way possible. Now, there is little to which articles and blog posts can do; therefore, getting a book that changes one’s perspective is ideal. In this case, Bug Out Books are crucial.

One out of many is the Scot Williams’ Bug Out Book. It explicitly discusses the essence of bugging out as a part of preparedness towards survival. Additionally, there are things you would learn about steps to take during emergencies. Find out more about the book in this Bug Out Book Review by Scott Williams.

Bug Out Book Review Scott Williams

Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late is one of the best books to have if you want to start your journey of becoming a survivalist. This book provides insight into what bugging out means and how it would help you and your family. In summary, it helps you in making fast decisions within seconds to minutes when a calamity strikes.

Scott B. Williams, the author of this incredible book, has over 25 years of experience, all from his life adventures. Apart from this “Bug Out Book,” Williams has articles, magazines, and about 25 other books published in his name. At the moment, there are other projects underway that would be helpful in the future.


The inspiration behind the Bug Out Book is his keen interest in backpacking, sea kayaking, mountaineering, etc. Over the years, he has developed wilderness survival skills; he identifies these skills as a great help to other aspiring survivalists.

The SHTF book currently comes in 4 different formats, depending on preference – Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback, and Audio CD. Overall, everyone gets the chance to gather more knowledge about bugging out via any convenient means.

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The book starts with an introduction on what to do when there are emergencies. For instance, what will you do when a cataclysmic event like Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami, Hurricane, etc., strikes, and you have 15 minutes to evacuate? However, the chapters are divided into three main parts to solve this question and for proper understanding.

Chapter 1: The Fantasy and the Reality of Living Off the Land

Here, Scott Williams argues the impossibility of humans transitioning from civilization into the old, primitive ways. He says it takes consistent practice and adjustment under a stable situation to achieve that. During these practices, survival skills are harnessed to cope with the wilderness when the need arises. The chapter further emphasizes the importance of properly bugging out.

Chapter 2: The Bug Out Bag and Stuff You’ll Need to Survive

The chapter focuses on explaining what a bug out bag is to a reader. It also provides more details on what to pack inside a bug out bag – clothing, tools, and other essentials.

Other Chapters

The book is quite a good read, with every chapter having something to discuss on bugging out. Apart from the first two chapters, others provided detailed information about the various modes of transportation, how to make caches and checklists.

More importantly, the best bug-out locations for escape in the United States are mentioned here. These places include:

  1. The Pacific Coast
  2. The Rocky Mountains
  3. The Desert Southwest
  4. The Heartland
  5. The Lakes and Big Woods of the North
  6. The Gulf Coast
  7. The Appalachians
  8. The Atlantic Coast

Summarily, it discusses three valid points:

  1. How to create an escape plan – places to go and how to go.
  2. How to pack the idea bug-out bag needed for the first three days.
  3. How to get essentials outside the usual.
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Why Do I Need This Book?

Being a survivalist is more than what you could imagine. It involves following mentors in the field and paying attention to every detail they are willing to offer. Experience, they say, is one of the core virtues of mentoring. The Bug Out Book would help you know more than you could ever imagine; it improves skills too.


Bug Out Book Review Scott Williams is not promotional; instead, it is a guide to help fresh heads with preparedness for survival. The book has many things to offer, so choose what format is convenient for you and get started.

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