Welcome to Survival Straps. Prepping is something that everyone must do to prepare themselves for any impending disaster. And since you are here, you know that. However, if the thought of prepping frightens you, you are not alone. And that is why Survival Straps is here to help you walk through the prepping process.

One of the reasons you are so afraid of prepping is that deep down, you already know how unprepared you are for any disaster that can quickly happen. Here is the thing. You realize that you don’t have forever to remain unprepared. The longer you wait, the more stressed out you will be, which leads to sleeplessness and other significant problems. Therefore, the fear you experience is a good thing.

The Survival Straps experts are here to help you as they will recommend the best survival kit and product guides, survival situation guides, as well as those hands-on reviews. The team knows what high-quality survival products you require to get you through any disaster that can unexpectedly come. To learn more about the Survival Straps experts, go to the About Us page.

Let’s talk more about the Survival Straps categories so you can learn more about them.


Survival Kit Guides

Creating your survival kit is not easy to do as you do not know what you should pack if an emergency arose. You will learn about the best ready-made survival kits to purchase for your particular needs in this category. You will learn how to use survival kits if the situation arose for you to use one. There are different sets of survival kits as you will read up on the tools utilized, outdoor gear, and food supplies. These kits are there to sustain you if you encountered a disaster.

Survival Product Guides

You can count on the Survival Straps experts to have all of the information for you on the best survival gear. You can check the buying guides you need so you have access to the products required to keep yourself protected if you were to encounter a disaster. The buying guides for products include knives, shovels, ponchos, flashlights, hatchets, backpacks, lighters, and HAM radios. There is much more survival gear that this category covers.

Hands-on Reviews

The Survival Straps team has first-hand experience with the survival products for prolonged periods and guides. You will learn about the best ones to purchase through the knowledge base. The team of experts carefully evaluate each survival product and only recommend the ones that are of top-notch quality. These hands-on reviews will save you a lot of time as you will not need to do heavy research at other resources other than at Survival Straps. The experts have the answers you need when it comes to the best survival products to purchase.

Survival Situation Guides

The Survival Straps experts have taken the time to write guides regarding various survival scenarios in great detail. You will learn about what survival myths to debunk, as well as mistakes to avoid, and anything else about survival that you don’t know. There are guides on bushcraft, mountain survival, tornado survival, flash flood, and wilderness survival. There is plenty of information on what to do regarding food shortages, urban survival, and civil unrest.

Who We Are

The team consists of an outdoor expert who is also the founder and chief editor and a former military store owner, an army veteran, a survivalist, and an avid hunter who is also a fisherman.