10 Best Utility Knives – Everything You Need to Know, Advice & More

"Utility," is defined as something useful that can be used to perform several purposes. If you are looking for a general and multipurpose tool that can fit into any of your everyday carry tool packs, then a utility knife is what you need. Utility knives became popular due to their versatility because research has shown ... Read more

Kabar Tanto Review – – Complete Overview, Tips and More

People depend on themselves in tough situations; others trust every resource they can get. If you depend on both, mostly in survival scenarios, that’s not bad either. However, you must make sure you have the right resources with you – like a good quality survival knife to help you get through the circumstance. There are … Read more

14 Best Paring Knives – The Ultimate Guide, Tricks & More

Mercer Culinary Millenia 3.5-inch paring knife Check Latest Price Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife Check Latest Price WUSTHOF Gourmet Three-Piece Paring Set Check Latest Price Each profession relies on specific tools: Engineers wield spanners and toolboxes, doctors operate with specialized kits, accountants navigate through software, and chefs master their craft with various utensils. Crafting a ... Read more

Wilderness Tool Condor Tool Knife Review – Detailed Overview, Tips & More

The Wilderness Tool is made of 420 HC stainless steel, enhancing its durability against rust and maintaining a longer-lasting sharp edge. Most of the metal surface is covered with a dark coating, providing additional protection to the underlying steel. The sharp edges of the tool remain uncoated. It features a 6 3/4-inch blade and has … Read more

Utah Knife Works Survivor Tom Brown Tracker Review – Full Guide

When you embark on your next adventure, the TOPS Tom Brown Tracker is an essential tool you should consider. This knife features a robust 1095 Carbon Steel blade coated in dark lubrication, paired with a sturdy black linen Micarta handle, engineered for cutting and sawing through almost anything. This substantial full-tang knife effortlessly slices through … Read more

Sog Revolver Hunter Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

If you are a survivalist, you should have a small knife uniquely designed to handle rigid materials. This will allow you to save more time outdoors and in the garage. If you are looking for such a piece of equipment, you should check out this product specially manufactured by SOG. This revolver knife comes with … Read more

Morakniv Kansbol Review – Complete Guide, Advice & More

This unique knife is known as the Kansbol. It manages to merge lightness with strength and toughness; it is a knife that is most appropriate for bushcraft practices such as carving and feathering sticks but also makes an excellent knife for hunting and camping. This has been in demand since late 2016, and there are … Read more

Mora Garberg Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

Survivalists are known for taking proactive steps so they can be fully prepared in any situation. They actively prepare for high-tension situations like natural disasters and global pandemics and prepare for day-to-day problems. If you want to be always prepared, you must acquire basic equipment built to serve different purposes. One of such equipment is … Read more

Morakniv Camp Axe Mora Outdoor Knife Combo Review – Complete Guide

If you love spending time outdoors, you know the importance of having many handy tools to serve multiple purposes. When you are outdoors, you might need to make a fire and not always have processed firewood nearby. In a situation like this, having a strong camping ax will serve your needs perfectly. Furthermore, you might … Read more

Morakniv Bushcraft Vs. Companion Survival Knife Head Review – Buyer’s Guide

Having a good survival knife is one of the most important tool to have. Two of the top survival knives include Morakniv and Companion survival knife. We have compiled the complete guide for you to decide which one is the best according to your needs. Companion Survival Knife This knife comes with a blade of … Read more