Morakniv Bushcraft Vs. Companion Survival Knife Head Review – Buyer’s Guide

Having a good survival knife is one of the most important tool to have. Two of the top survival knives include Morakniv and Companion survival knife.

We have compiled the complete guide for you to decide which one is the best according to your needs.

Companion Survival Knife

This knife comes with a blade of Sandvik stainless steel, sufficiently robust for all everyday recreational duties. Besides, it is the finest knife for the amount. This knife may be small for the same experienced camper since its blade is just 4.1 inches long. Nevertheless, this size is the optimal size for more flexibility for familiar campers.

The length makes it compact and very easy to handle. Also, for some practical reason, it is a multipurpose camping knife. This knife also has a stainless-steel blade, as stated in the introduction, but sadly, some users have reported that it may cause corrosion throughout use.



The handle style of The Companion goes very far back. Former models had a striped pattern, but instead, it employs a frictional TPE grippy material. It has comfortable sound quality, is healthy, and has a subtle curve.

The versions that described the Mora brand were knives in this category and below, and they remained the versions that influence demand.


The Mora Companion sheath is planned out, and it is convenient yet fundamental and straightforward. It leaves only over 3″ of handle popping out from the Carbon Steel model at a bit beneath 9 inches long.


The mounted blade of the Bushcraft is manufactured with carbon steel and is 1/8″ wide, 4.3″ long, and 9.1 inches in overall length. The blade is protected by anti-corrosive metal paint. It is 167 grams in mass.

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  • The handle is relaxed and has a decent amount of control
  • Exceptionally well balanced
  • Similar handle and sheath color choices.
  • Extremely light
  • Obtainable with blades with both carbon and stainless steel


  • Some don’t like the small sizes.

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Morakniv Bushcraft

The Mora Bushcraft provides an abuse-tolerant TPE rubber handle with high stiffness. It appears very good and relaxed in the palm. The softly curved design is acquired from the Companion, and it provides a peculiar index finger groove and a rear-end shield. Robust and compact is the handle. Without thinking about losing control, you can grip it securely,



The handle is built with a kind of synthetic rubber substance that, even in rainy conditions, ensures non-slip control while carrying out a task. It is also effortless to carry and fits various hand shapes


A tough sheath made of the two-tone black and orange polymer provides with this knife. There is a diamond deburring rock inserted in the sheath. This implies that a good knife is always in your possession. The retaining of the knife in the sheath is strong but depends on the pressure compared to any alternative clip or brace that may be safer for a survival knife.


The Bushcraft is also a standardized blade created with carbon steel measuring 0.08 inches wide, 4.1 inches long, and 8.6 inches in overall length. The mass is 110 grams with the sheath


  • The sheath is quite lasting.
  • Packaged with a knife sharper
  • Super sharp carbon steel blade


The rubberized handle can be slick when wet

Buyer’s Guide


A good handle in hand must stay secure and be manufactured from quality materials. Resist hollow or rubber handles, as these won’t be secure. A lanyard holder and a short straight side at the handle’s edge are a few good attributes to consider. It’s nice to put a string in the lanyard hole so that you could tie the knife to your arm or another type of equipment. If users find themselves wanting to nail things, the blunt side on the side of the handle is perfect.


While in the woods, game constitutes an essential aspect of the meal options. You require a knife, then, which can slice into hard skin. It should also be useful for cutting large poultry-like meats. This has to be a knife that is lengthy and very sharp is needed.


The durability, ductility, strength, and capacity of the blade to handle and retain an edge are determined by the kind of material employed. Owing to individual researchers, the generate is more critical than the form of the metal itself. A significant thing to note is that, when not valued, all knife metal, including stainless steel, will corrosion.

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Mora Companion is a perfect option for those searching for a compact knife for light task assignments. For budget users, the Companion produces an outstanding assistant version. Consequently, you should choose Mora Bushcraft if you want a stronger knife that can endure abuse.

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