Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife 3V Review – Detailed Guide, FAQs & More

In the wilderness, you are not left with many options; your safety could be threatened. Luckily, there are ways to go around that to your advantage.

In this case, a survival knife could be the gateway to your safety. As long as you find the best ones on the market, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything when you need it.

A perfect choice of this knife is the Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife.

With not so many fantastic choices available, this Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife 3v review is about to make you see why it is worth the investment.

First, there is a description to gain insight into what it looks; then, the features that make it functional are further explained. Additionally, use the buying guide in the best way you could for good decision-making.

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Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife 3v

Benchmade 200 Puukko Survival Knife 3v Review


The world is not rid of iconic knives like Buck, Bolo, Kris, Katana, etc.; there are constantly new brands that are quite impressive every year. Benchmade is one of the classic brands with a signature Puukko model that does extraordinarily well. The 200 Puukko Survival Knife is a Scandinavian-inspired tool that combines a fine design with an incredible performance.


Even though this knife is one of the iconic tools, it conforms to modern performance standards, so it could be used for cutting and defense. This Ranger Green-colored and Satin Finish knife’s appearance is a slim-profile and lightweight design, making it versatile and handy. Besides, it is outdoor-friendly, which means you could add to the gearbox for hunting, backpacking, etc.

The knife is reinforced with a drop-point blade, made of CPM-3V Crucible Steel that makes bushcrafting and other outdoor activities easier and better. It is also sturdy, tough, and highly wear-resistant to breakage and chipping.

Having a secure grip is essential when picking a knife – the handle is responsible. Benchmade 200 Puukko 3V knife uses a Santoprene handle; it easily performs different tasks.

The accessibility of the knife is dependent on the sheath quality. Here, a leather belt loop sheath makes it do more than expected. Also, this sheath has a full-tang construction for max stability and excellent adaptability.

Like most incredible survival knives, it has a lanyard hole for more carry options.

Other features are as follows

Blade Shape: Drop Point

Blade Edge: Fine

Blade Length: 3.75 inches

Dimensions: 10.5 x 2.75 x 2.25 inches

Weight: 0.05 lbs.


  • Versatile and Lightweight
  • High-resistant and Durable
  • Stable with easy access
  • More carry options
  • Secure and ergonomic grip


  • None

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Buying Guide Questions

Survival knives like Benchmade 200 Puuko 3V raise many questions; below is a list of the often-asked ones and their answers.

What Makes this Knife Different?

If you have encountered different knives before – including survival knives, you will understand that there is something unique about them.

However, when you find something more unique, it raises questions. Benchmade 200 Puukko Knife 3V is a perfect example because it is old-fashioned, yet combines modern performance and top-tier style for various uses.

It is the ultimate cutting tool, and even a fantastic choice for outdoor purposes; therefore, it is always recommended.

How Durable Is It?

Considering the various features on this knife, you would admit that its durability is at a high expense. The CPM-3V Steel construction and rubberized leather dangler loop sheath are the two most significant features that ensure this knife’s strength, secured grip, and enhanced adaptability for use.

Is it Safe to Use Benchmade 200 Puukko Knife?

Benchmade 200 Puukko Knife 3v is an exceptional tool to use for a couple of domestic and outdoor operations. With its Santoprene handle, it is safe and suitable for different purposes. Additionally, there is a lanyard hole to provide you with more carry options. Overall, it is far different from the typical survival knives you have seen.

Here are some key point’s that may help you decide on buying this product:

A Blend of Heritage and Innovation: The Benchmade 200 Puukko traces its roots back to Scandinavian design, renowned for simplicity and efficiency. While it honors the traditional Puukko style, it is re-engineered to meet contemporary standards, offering a sleek, modern tool that’s versatile for various survival scenarios.

Comparison with Peers: Setting it apart from peers like Morakniv Bushcraft and Fallkniven knives, the Benchmade 200 Puukko excels in both aesthetics and performance. Its unique CPM-3V Crucible Steel blade offers unmatched durability and strength, a testament to Benchmade’s commitment to quality.

Real-World Testimonials: User experiences underscore its reliability in diverse conditions, from the damp forests of the Pacific Northwest to the rugged mountains of the Appalachians. Hunters, backpackers, and survivalists alike praise its ergonomic Santoprene handle and the practicality of its leather sheath.

Material Matters: The choice of CPM-3V Crucible Steel for the blade is deliberate, offering exceptional resistance to wear and breakage. This steel, combined with a rubberized leather dangler loop sheath, ensures longevity and adaptability in various environments.

Maintenance and Care: Maintaining this knife is straightforward. Regular cleaning, proper sharpening, and dry storage will preserve its integrity. We recommend using a high-quality honing oil for sharpening to maintain the fine edge of the blade.

Versatility in Use: Whether you’re setting up camp, preparing a meal in the wilderness, or in a survival situation, the Benchmade 200 Puukko is a reliable companion. Its balanced weight and ergonomic design make it ideal for precise tasks and tough outdoor demands.

Safety First: With its secure grip and lanyard hole for additional carry options, the Benchmade 200 Puukko is designed with safety in mind. Its design minimizes the risk of slippage, making it a safe choice even in challenging conditions.


Would you rather spend money on the worst survival knife? Or pay attention to this Benchmade 200 Puukko Knife 3v review and make the best of it?

Whatever you choose, please be mindful that your safety solely depends on your choice, in the end.

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