Fallkniven a1 survival knife review


Fallkniven is a corporation that manufactures beautifully usable knives.  They don’t create numerous blades, but each technique propels the thresholds of the patterns they work in.  High end steels and hard rasps result in outstanding accomplishment, concocting something as outwardly modest as a camp knife or an allotted blade hunting knife functions on degrees you didn’t think such field equipment would be eligible of.

The A1 is the exact delegate of Fallkniven’s purpose statement, and in this review, we’re going to examine and surely recognize how the A1 work out against some additional big blades on the market.

Some profession objective knives particularly those for bushcraft and kitchen chores are greatly refined structures that have been whetted through centuries of modest refinement.  Survival knives, on the other hand, are built further through the response to frequent needs. In short, the 21st century survival knife is a mixture of characteristics hand-picked from a quantity of different knife origin.  The survival blade must be a warrior, a camper, a utility knife, and a comprehensive equipment for outdoor chores.  Furthermore, the famous survival knife contorts from one portion to another founded upon the landscape of usage. Forest survival knives bring out upon their machete source while northern environment survival blades rely on preceding fighting methods with clues of bushcraft. Survival steels want to be chaste for apparent respect motives, but similarly must fiddle adequately with sharpeners. Profoundly significant survival knives such as the Fallkniven A1 posses a strong ground in both planets with their incredible blade coat of two completely numerous metals.


1. Outstanding Razor Sharp 6.3″ Blade

The A1 is outstanding from beginning to end. Commencing with the ultra-sharp degree, this blade is accurate if you desire to defend yourself. Prepared from Lam. VG10 steel and having a strongness of 59 HRC, it would be impossible for you to break it.

A thickness of .24” enables for an incredibly tough slash and the full blade length, without the grip, scales 6.3”. Out of the carton, this criterion is razor sharp. It shows a rounded grind, which will put up with some time to sharpen accurately if you’re not accustomed to this kind.

2. Whole Tang with Metal Bottom for Hammering

What’s certainly fascinating about this prototype is that it’s an entire tang, but the producer asserts that it’s practically full tang since you can notice the metal at the verge of the grip. For all objectives and goals, this drops within the class and even if the handle broke or remove, you would nonetheless be eligible to use it.

Regardless, when you glance at the underside, you will discern that the metal juts out slightly. This authorizes you to utilize this category for hammering if crucial. This is a costly characteristic that minor products always get bad.

3. Kraton 5″ Handle with Ergonomic & Textured Grip

Accentuating the Kraton handle, this merchandise scales only 12 ounces and suits flawlessly in your hands. Designed with an ergonomic clutch, you’ll possess ultimate strength over the blade with maximum convenience. Its length is just below five, making it eleven in entire length.

At its end, you will notice a metal void that will permit you to link a rope to the edge of the knife if essential. This is an enormous choice if you’re performing heavy task and wish to fasten it to your wrist with a thread for additional assistance and security.

4. Black Zytel Sheath with Belt Clip& Snap Button

Starring the Zytel sheath, the A1 gives a neat storage choice that is powerful and impressive. It can for in with both left and right-hand users and utilizes a snap switch to confirm the knife remains in place. A bolt on the back permits you to wear it well on your strap.

fallkniven a1 survival knife review


Sharp and dependable

11 lengths (6.3” blade)

Experimented by the military

Strong edge even after years of usage


Slightly costly.


What is a survival knife used for?

Survival knives can be helpful in so many connotations. Among them is self-self-defencing, cutting, slashing, excavating, arresting, among sis being formed circumstances.

What is the best type of steel for a knife’s blade?

Ca steel is verified to be one of the vastly reliable species of steel for survival blades. Carbon steel is also further immune to rust, corrosion, and misuse.


With this knife a fresh global principle is being form! Technical design, ergonomics, and economy are drawn jointly within the model A1, illustrating the overseeing idea vacant today. The knife matches and exceeds organized international criteria for stability, personal security and importance.

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