Fallkniven pc folding knife Review


The Fallkniven PC is a contemporary folding knife, with some prime details. Undoubtedly, there is not a tintack so you need to unwrap the blade with both hands utilizing the nail notches on both flanks of the blade for right and left-handers, and there is not a compartment bolt a belt sheath is a very fitting more lather.

The blade is carved wielding Lam. CosS steel Laminated Cobalt Steel, with a hardness of 60 HRC; safeguards a remarkable cutting ability and edge retention. The blade is closed up in a place by a liner bolt, an adequately verified, reasonable locking procedure.

The pivot is repaired by greaseless Teflon bearings, it can be fastened or untied utilizing a Torx T10 key. The handle is compelled by fiberglass (Grilon), inwardly strengthened with stainless steel spacers. This enables us to tidy up effortlessly the knife using hot water and some lather.

The Fallkniven PC is luxurious, substantial, adequately made with leading aperture substances, just like Fallkniven’s tradition. The first opinions are nice.

The Model P Concept (PC) is a compact, new folding knife with several superb qualities. The blade is created using laminated Cobalt Special Steel which ensures edge withholding beyond the typical.

With a weight of only 66 grams (2.33 oz) it is safe to hold up in your pocket and, in case the knife becomes dirty, it is susceptible to tidy up with a small lather and hot water. The pivot is overhauled with greaseless Teflon bearings and can be fastened or unlocked with a Torx T10 screwdriver. Nail rungs on both flanks of the blade permit for safe use by right and left-handers.

The Model PC is an improvement of the actual Model P consequently, the name. If you need a daily carriage (EDC) knife that utilizes high-end equipment at the cutting edge of knife bringing in technology, then the PC is the knife that suits you.


Safety: The Nuts and Torx

The locking device of the Fallkniven PC is a conventional liner lock of spring steel. The knife would possibly have to smash for the lock to cease to function. The teflon-bearing blade pivot his tighten in spot by a T10 Torx screw bringing about the disposition friction flexible, and susceptible to maintain the scales cosy against the blade.  The five-bolt stainless steel blade lodging is outlined enabling for susceptible tidying up and wiping something extremely crucial for a knife that dwells among bag lint. And the black fiberglass strengthened Grilon scales are conserved with two T5 Torx bolts in accumulation to the pivot bolt.

At the end of the day, the Fallkniven PC is an outstanding also modest knife.


Knives are inferred to cut stuff. Food for meals, string, line or knotting, for the maximum percentage. They furthermore assist to chop some extra stuff, tape for a wound, chopping shavings off a chunk of wood for firewood, sometimes carving a stick to a notch as an alternate tent chance. Few people will attempt to cut wood with a little knife, that appears very misdirect, bad device for the job. If you need to cut up wood of any thickness, carry a hatchet.  

This knife performs all the cutting chores effortlessly. It is extremely sharp, and the blade possesses sufficient thickness along the range that you can put forth lot of tension if wanted.

fallkniven pc folding knife review


Excellent quality all the way around, you can possibly be giving this off to your children or grandchildren eventually. The blades don’t smudge or deteriorate with natural maintenance, and they can keep up sharp for years given you sharpen them when required. If you notice the top photo, the formation of the knife also renders it susceptible to clean the region between the handles is clear, which renders it susceptible to clear dirt or wander food or debris out.  


Numerous knives come out of the box cutting sharp but Fallkniven PC appear unnerving sharp. It was further like a surgeon’s scalpel than what you call a pocketknife. Which the more you speculate about it, you see it as a nice thing. A truly good thing. Where the difficulty lies is that several extra knives just cannot carry such a sharp edge, while the remainder barely doesn’t want to set the time or danger into taking their edge to razor sharpness.


Excellent quality

The incredibly safe locking device

Sticky handle



No pocket pins.


Before you hop on the diplomatic convoy with your EDC blades, offer some opinion to the vast belief of outstanding rendition in an understated package. There’s some significant blade satisfaction with the Fallkniven PC.