Elk Ridge ER A003 Folding Knife Review – Complete Overview

Folding knives are very useful when it comes to hunting, survival, or camping. There are various types of folding knives with different compositions and features. We have reviewed Elk Ridge ER-A003 Folding Knife in this article.

Elk Ridge ER A003 Folding Knife Review

Elk Ridge Er A003 Folding Knife Review

The Elk Ridge ER-A003 Folding Knife is spring enabled, so it is simple to utilize even if it’s your prime period using a folding knife.

This is because it utilizes liner lock techniques, so you can be certain that the blade will close up safely in place and be cautious to clasp. Just press the liner lock towards the left aspect of the knife, and tug the blade secured, and your knife will be folded down to a portable stature.

It gauges 4.75 inches when closed, which is suitable for stocking comfortably in your purse or backpack for an effortless permit.

It is a 440 stainless steel blade, so it should bear up well against possible eroding and rust after extended usage. The blade is a wide 3.2mm, so it will cut through many barriers smartly and precisely

At a budget-friendly rate, this folding survival knife is a tremendous option that will operate well in an assortment of survival circumstances. Its vitality and layout provide you reasonable significance for money and is surely a product to deem.

If you are peeping for an economical, daily carry category of the knife, a folding knife like the Elk Ridge ER-A003 Folding knife will perhaps be your adequate bet. In this analysis, we will be putting up a closer peek at the Elk Ridge ER-A003 Folding knife.

Here, you will discover the features of the knife, some pros and cons, what people speculate of the Elk Ridge ER-A003, some often inquired questions and our conclusion on whether or not it will execute the tasks you might desire for it to execute.

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Size and Dimensions

The knife is 4 ¾ inches lengthy when locked. It can effortlessly conform into inches lengthy when closed. It can handily conform into your purse or a little bag. The blade itself is 3 ½ inches extended, bringing about it a nice knife for lesser chores, and to only have if pre-adventure. It turns out not to be the nicest option for cutting logs of wood or other heavy-duty chores, but it will function for little assignments.

Blade Style

The blade is carved in the technique of a distinctive dip point blade. The blade is 3.2mm thick. The distinctive blade pattern and thick spine compel it susceptible to stay optimistic that the knife will conduct several numerous chores. There is similarly a little cut-out on the end of the blade and adjacent to the handle that would enable grip for manual space, should the need arise.


The blade is developed from stainless steel to conserve it from attrition and is hard to smash. This implies that the Elk Ridge ER-A003 can deal with some quantities of orientation to unfavorable circumstances without wearing away or coming to deteriorate.

Reliable Blade Locking

When extensive, the blade comes to be shut in the open position to avoid slippage while using it. This feature is crucial in preserving your hands during usage. A liner-lock such as this is effortlessly cleared with a little quantity of strength from the thumb to nudge the locking device out of the way so that the blade can be withdrawn safely.

Pocket Clip and Lanyard Hole

This pocketknife also arrives with a clip so that it can be attached to the inner of a pocket for easy and cautious carrying. There is a little gap towards the end of the knife so that it can be connected to a key holder or lanyard.


  • Its stainless-steel blade deters attrition and rust.
  • It has a thick blade that can slice through hard substances.
  • Portable and lightweight when closed.
  • Comfortably sized for manageable carrying
  • Spring-assisted blade for quick and susceptible opening with one hand
  • Classic 3.2mm thick dip notch blade technique
  • Parkwood handle
  • Blade locks into the area for protection
  • Comprises of the pocket clip.
  • Possesses lanyard slot for extra techniques of attachment
  • Budget friendly


  • Unable to accomplish heavy-duty chores
  • Not created utilizing high carbon steel
  • Its wooden handle must be maintained moderately dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the spring wear out after a lot of use?

There have been limited to no objections about the spring-assisted opening characteristic. This is one of the main features of the Elk Ridge ER-A003 that makes this knife so enthralling.

Does the wood have a finale on its exterior?

Affirmative, but with water and usage, the finish is recognized to be made futile. With adequate maintenance, regardless, the handle will become patinated and is not of low quality by any means.


We hope our review has provided answers to all the questions you have about the elk ridge a003 folding knife.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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