CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk River Knife Tool Review – Full Guide, Tips & More

A bugout camp is incomplete without some right piece of gear for the day. First, you are advised to have a survival knife for menial, and tough-duty jobs; then, you will need something extra for more heavy-duty work. In this case, you shouldn’t forget to take an axe along.

From general knowledge of what axes are used for, it is safe to say that they would come in handy for chopping woods to make fire, and build a shelter. There is little your survival knife would do; however, an axe would make things easier. Surprisingly, these axes are available in different styles, sizes, weights, etc.

Columbia River and Knife Tool Company have something interesting for every outdoor enthusiast and survivalist; this CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk Rive Knife Tool review is about to show that.

CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk River Knife Tool Review


CRKT produced Chogan T-Hawk River Knife Tool a few years ago to be the perfect EDC axe; soon, it became one of the best choices for camping and recreational purposes. The “T-hawk” comes from the American Indian tribe, Powhatan, and it means “cutting off with a tool.” It is therefore ideal to say that the performance of this axe speaks for itself.

On the contrary, this axe is not suitable for falling trees or chopping wood like most axes; it has its special use. For instance, it is the perfect tool to trim limbs, chop wood into tiny strips, and clear a site. So, you may want to be careful when choosing the axe for use.



Chogan T-Hawk axe has a 2.93″ blade made of SK5 Carbon Steel to perform some of these incredible tasks. This high-performance steel is coated with a powder finish for durability.

It currently comes in 2 different edge styles

  • Axe Front Dual Plain Edge with HammerHead
  • Axe with Spike.

Overall, it is a tactical tool for camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.


The knife tool has a unique curved handle with a textured grip. This handle made of Tennessee hickory, glass-reinforced nylon further contributes to its durability, strength, and lightweight feel.


For optimum use, the axe has a Boltaron sheath with a MOLLE-compatible strap system. This sheath can be carried on a pants belt.


Grind: Flat

Overall Length: 19.13″

Weight: 1.54 lbs.

Dimensions: 17.25 x 7.25 x 1.5 ins.

Warranty: Lifetime

Pros and Cons


  • Fits all SHTF standards
  • Durable and Multipurpose
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Easy to use


  • The sheath snaps are not too great
  • Needs proper maintenance against rust
  • Not so heavy-duty

Buying Guide Questions

Do you have questions as to how CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk Axe works? Below are some answers that would help on your way to discovery.

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What Are the Differences Between a Survival Machete and a Survival Axe?

Generally, there are controversies on which is the better weapon between a machete and an axe. In a survival scenario, it is somewhat impossible to say one is better than the other. No wonder, both weapons are SHTF recommendations.

However, it is agreeable that machetes are stronger than axes – the former can cut through thick undergrowth while the latter can chop wood into thin slices. Nevertheless, their blades’ quality plays a huge role in determining what they are individually suitable for.

How to Use Chogan T-Hawk Knife Tool?

Like most axes, the Chogan T-Hawk Knife Tool works using a swinging mechanism. The swinging force from holding the handle propels the blade towards a target. For instance, if you want to clear a campsite, you wouldn’t need too much force; on the other hand, trimming the branches of a tree or limbs, you might need to apply a little more.

How to Carry the Knife Tool Outdoors?

If you are going camping or engaging in any outdoor adventure and need a knife tool like the Chogan T-Hawk axe, you might want to know how to handle it. You could either hold onto it throughout the journey or get a sack with the handle inside and the blade/hammerhead exposed.

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CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk River Knife Tool Review


Following this review, it is acceptable that CRKT Chogan T Hawk Tomahawk River Knife Tool is a fantastic addition to your survival gear. Before you buy, make sure it serves the purpose intended.

Let us know in the comments what products you want to be reviewed.

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