The Fallkniven S1 PRO Knife Review – Complete Guide, FAQs & More

When you start exploring the outdoors, you discover how important it is to have multiple tools at your disposal. You would need to buy a lot of equipment and other materials. One of the primary tools you would need is a hunting knife, and it is better to buy a high-quality product with multiple unique features.

If you are looking for such a product, you should check out this S1 PRO Knife manufactured by Fallkniven. This knife is designed to serve your outdoor purposes, and it comes with many unique advantages.

We have reviewed this product in detail for you. Enjoy!

The Fallkniven S1 PRO Knife Review


Fixed Blade Knife

If you are looking for a strong knife that can perform multiple tasks, then you should consider buying this product. This knife utilizes a complete tang design, making it strong enough to cut through the toughest of materials.

Made With a Thermorun Handle

This blade is made with a solid Thermorun handle which keeps it durable and resistant to impact. The plastic handle has ergonomic patterns that allow you to grip the knife with comfort and safety. There is no risk of slippage, and you can use your knife with ease.

Uniquely Structured Blade

If you want to buy a blade with a unique structure and design, you should consider purchasing it. This blade is designed with a plain edge that allows you to cut through large materials with ease. It also has a drop point that allows for more precision in your cuts.

Satin Finish

If you want a knife that is resistant to rust and corrosion, you should consider buying it. This knife is made with a satin finish that allows you to clean and maintain it easily.

Zytel Sheath

Safety is essential, and your sharp objects have to be adequately secured, and that is why this knife comes with a Zytel sheath.


Japan is popularly referred to as the home of knives. This knife is made in Japan, and there is no reason to doubt its quality.

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Brand Name: Fallkniven

Length: 247mm

Color: Black

Pros and Cons


Extra Razor-Sharp Edge

If you want a knife that retains its sharp edge over time, then you should buy this product. This knife is designed with a sharp razor edge, and it won’t get blunt quickly. It is also effortless to sharpen thanks to its complete tang design.

Lightweight; Easy to Use

Knives should always be easy to use, and this one is not an exception. This knife is lightweight, and you can comfortably use it to cut through rigid materials.

Heavy-Duty Tasks

If you are going outdoors and you plan to engage in rigorous cutting, then you should bring this knife along with you. In case you plan to peel wood or cut bushcraft, then this product will serve you well.

Built for Durability

If you want a knife that will last for a long time, then you should buy this high-quality knife. This knife is designed for durability, and it comes with a satin finish that makes it resistant to corrosion. It is made from hard steel that won’t crack under impact.


When you hold your knife, you must have a firm, comfortable grip on the tool. This knife comes with an excellent ergonomic grip that allows you to hold and use it comfortably.

Easy to Maintain

The satin finishing makes this knife easy to clean. Just a simple wash and rinse will do.



If you are looking for a cheap product, then you should consider getting it somewhere else. This knife is quite expensive, and you should be ready before you purchase it.

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The Fallkniven S1 PRO Knife Review


Fallkniven S1 PRO Knife stands out as a superior choice for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. Its robust construction, featuring a full tang design and a durable Thermorun handle, ensures reliability and longevity in challenging environments. The knife’s unique blade structure, combined with a practical satin finish, offers both precision and ease of maintenance. While it is on the pricier side, the investment is justified by its exceptional qualities such as a razor-sharp edge, lightweight design, suitability for heavy-duty tasks, and comfortable grip. The inclusion of a Zytel sheath adds to its safety and practicality. Manufactured in Japan, a country renowned for its quality knives, the Fallkniven S1 PRO Knife is a top-tier tool that promises to be a valuable companion for any outdoor adventure.

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