Parry Blade Survival Knife Review – Complete Guide, Advice & More

Mel Parry and Scorpion Knives have joined forces to forge the Parry Blade, the pinnacle of survival and combat knives. Engineered for peak performance and versatility, this knife emerges as the quintessential tool for fighting and survival, setting a new standard in knife design.

The Parry Blade showcases a robust, high-tensile strength stainless steel construction, hardened to a formidable HRC 54-55. Customers can choose between grey or black finishes. The knife’s precision-engineered bevel-ground primary edge ensures unmatched control. Its distinctively curved shape optimally distributes weight, facilitating swift, powerful chopping strokes.

Each Parry Blade includes a durable black Cordura Heavy Duty sheath, guaranteeing protection and accessibility for the user. This strategic design choice transforms the Parry Blade from a mere knife into an indispensable tool for any demanding situation.

Parry Blade Survival Knife

This knife’s hefty and sturdy build, boasting a 9-inch long stainless steel blade, ensures superior durability and cutting power. Its bevel-ground chopping edge is meticulously engineered for enhanced force in each cut. The curved shape, inspired by the Khukri, strategically shifts the weight forward for powerful chopping. Additionally, the spear point blade, with its clipped design, excels in prying, levering, and digging tasks.

The knife also features an ultra-sharp concave bottom near the choil, perfect for precision tasks like carving fire sticks. The top edge is beveled, making it highly effective for sawing through tough materials like wire, webbing, or dense tissue.

Constructed with a full tang, this knife integrates a black linen micarta handle, securely bolted to the tang. This robust construction facilitates easy repair or handle replacement, accommodating wear and tear or preferences for a different grip style.


Parry’s blade immediately stands out with its impressive dimensions: a thickness of 5 mm, a length of 9 inches, and a weight of 19oz. This knife boasts a hefty, solid front blade that’s skillfully counterbalanced by a block-shaped rear pommel, serving as both a hammer and crusher. Its design promotes an aggressive forward-leaning cutting action, typical for a blade of this magnitude.

Blade Characteristics

This blade is equipped with a triangular-shaped saw, perfect for nail removal. The hollow ground segment near the front end is crafted for achieving an ultra-sharp edge. Notably, the backsaw is tailored for splitting animal bones to extract marrow, rather than cutting wood. It efficiently breaks bones for easy snapping instead of slicing through them.

Sheath Design

The Scorpion knife includes a robust cord/mole sheath, fortified with a plastic insert to shield against blade damage. This sheath features a storage pocket for small metals or alloys, along with sturdy molding bars and pull rings for reliable handling. Its design allows for easy attachment to a belt or secure fastening to a pack or disc carrier.

Comfort and Handling

The Parry blade ensures an exceptional grip and feel, thanks to its thoughtfully designed handle and pommel. The handle provides a stable grip in wet or cold conditions, and the overall weight distribution makes it easy to handle.

Handle Features

Featuring a full-tang design, the knife sports a black linen micarta handle, secured with three large screws for enhanced durability and comfort. The screw-on grips also offer the convenience of easy customization.



  • It is very sharp
  • It comes with a knife sharpener


  • It is solid
  • It is costly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Survival Knife Useful?

Survival knives serve multiple purposes such as woodcutting, skinning, hunting, and timber carving. Hunters, hikers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts frequently use these knives. Many survival knives feature thick, heavy blades for demanding tasks.

Sharpening Your Survival Knife

Yes, you can and should sharpen your survival knife. Although they don’t require frequent sharpening, maintaining a sharp edge ensures their effectiveness and reliability.

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The Parry Blade comes beautifully packed and is supported by a webbing sheath with a front pocket Lansky diamond sharpener. For those who would prefer that look, a more fashionable leather sheath is also available.

Indeed, the world-renowned Parry blade lives up to both its name and its definition. It can accomplish almost any form of survival mission.

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