Parry Blade Survival Knife Review


The unique collaboration between Mel Parry and Scorpion Knives gave rise to the Parry Blade, and it is practically the ultimate knife for survival or war. The Parry Blade is an actual fighting survival knife designed and manufactured with efficiency and practicality in mind. It was born out of a simple conviction, a thoroughbred between knives, that, first and foremost, a knife should be a device. The knife is solid and sturdy and is built of stainless steel with high tensile strength, toughened to HRC 54-55. Usually, the knife is polished in either grey or black. The primary edge is bevel-ground for control. The strongly curved shape takes the weight forward, supplying the knife with a quick chopping stroke. There is a curved edge on the peak of the blade for cutting through rope or webbing. The file is withdrawn for use as a hammer, and the contoured double guard ass is capped off. This fine knife is completed with contoured and checkered micarta linen scales that are screwed to the full tenon construction. The blade arrives complete with a black Cordura Heavy Duty sheath.

Parry Blade Survival Knife Review (Description)

The knife is heavy and solid, and the blade is 9 inches long and built of stainless steel. The primary chopping-edge is bevel-ground for power, while in the form of a Khukri, the curved form brings the weight forward, offering the knife a firm chopping stroke. The point looks clipped in shape, but it is grounded enough to produce a spear point emphasizing its prying/levering and digging use. Part of the hollow bottom, made with razor sharpness for precise cutting and carving, is also located near the choil and is suitable for making fire sticks. A sawing actionable to cut wire, webbing, or gristle is provided for by the beveled edge on the spine of the blade. The knife has a complete tang construction, with black linen micarta bolted to the tang to make it simple to repair, either due to wear, damage, or the option of an alternate grip to match

Parry Blade Survival Knife (features)

Design: The scale is the very first factor you note about Parry’s blade. It is 5 mm thick and 9-inch long. It appears like it is going to be heavy, and at 19oz, it is substantial. The solid front blade is perfectly counterbalanced by the rear pommel, designed for use as a hammer/crusher in a block shape. Usually, the knife looks like it wants to fall forward in a cutting action, which is just what you expect from such a large blade.

Blade: The triangular-shaped saw blade acts as a nail remover. You have a hollow ground segment coming back from the curved front portion of the blade capable of taking on a very sharp edge. The backsaw is intended for splitting animal bones to remove marrow for soup, not for cutting wood. The saw does not cut right through the bone but instead breaks the bone to be neatly snapped.

Sheath: The bag that comes with the Scorpion knife is a cord/mole and has a plastic insert on the back of the fabric, so it won’t be cut in half every time you reassemble the knife. The sheath comes with a convenient storage bag suitable for minor metals or alloys. The sheath has strong top and bottom molding bars and pulls rings to protect the handles. Ride comfortably on the belt or fasten it tightly to the package or disc carrier with a molly handle

Comfortable: The Parry blade’s grip and feel are excellent. This is primarily due to the outstanding form of the handle and the construction of the pommel. And with muddy, cold hands, you will find it difficult to lose control. The weight is balanced well.

Handle: With a handle of black linen micarta held on by three wide screws, the knife is full-tang in design. It is very complete and convenient with the handgrip. For those who need it, the screwed grips make fitting custom grips a simple alternative.


It is very sharp

It comes with a knife sharpener

It could be used as a hammer as well


It is solid

It is costly


  1. What is the usefulness of a survival knife?

For woodcutting, skinning, hunting, timber carving, and other applications, survival knives can be used. Survival knives are also utilized by hunters, hikers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Some survival knives are thick and heavy-bladed.

  1. Can I sharpen my survival knife?

Of course, a survival knife can and should be sharpened, but they don’t need it very often.


The Parry Blade comes beautifully packed and is supported by a webbing sheath with a front pocket Lansky diamond sharpener. For those who would prefer that look, a more fashionable leather sheath is also available. Indeed, the world-renowned Parry blade lives up to both its name and its definition. It can accomplish almost any form of survival mission.

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