Morakniv Kansbol Review – Complete Guide, Advice & More

This unique knife is known as the Kansbol. It manages to merge lightness with strength and toughness; it is a knife that is most appropriate for bushcraft practices such as carving and feathering sticks but also makes an excellent knife for hunting and camping.

This has been in demand since late 2016, and there are two sheath alternatives open, which are a simple plastic sheath, or there is a MOLLE multi-mount sheath for even more severe customers.

Morakniv Kansbol Review

The Kansbol is, in essence, a Mora 2000 update. Ever since its invention in the early ’90s, this professional outdoor knife has become widely available in the woodlands of Sweden. The blades of the twenty knives are effectively the same, at 4.3. In conjunction with the renowned Scandi grind edge, a profile grind on the front half delivers accuracy.

This enables sharpening and holding sharp simpler. The core of the Kansbol, together with the Scandi and profile grinds, is ground with edges that can be used with a fire starter. The structure of the knob (their literature refers to it as a “coil” shape) is evocative of the classic wooden Mora handle.

But a drop guard is incorporated in the front to cover your fingers while enhancing the grip and managing for a while. On the bottom part, the butt also has a dropped flare and a key chain hole if you’d like to put a tether or twine on it.

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The Morakniv Kansbol features a blade 4.4″ long. The knife is a thick 0.094′′ from the handle. “A concentration commences, however, midway through, rising at the tip to a density of 0.039 “. This renders the Kansbolt a little thinner, and it’s still excellent due to the exceptionally thicker portion on the backend of the blade.

The Morakniv Kansbol blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 metal with outstanding edge quality, razor sharpness, high toughness, and outstanding corrosion tolerance. This stainless-steel variant maintains its sharpness quite well. The steel is toughened to 58 HRC.

The smile of Scandi is razor-sharp and quick to maintain. A Scandi grind is suitable explicitly for woodworking. Due to the thinner tip, the Kansbolt excels in each replicate paintings and large tasks. The return of the blade is sharp.


The grind at the lower backstop of the knife (in the direction of the handle) is the traditional Scandi Grind. It offers a razor-sharp area that certainly tiers into nearly any fabric and at an identical time will now no longer slip from the cut.


The handle of the knife is created of TPE, a rubbery material that provides a confident grip despite the weather. It conjointly includes a hole to connect a lanyard found at an all-time low of the handle. These are well-thought-out options and are an improvement over earlier models and usually improved over several of the dearer “survival” knives.

The handle is thick enough so that you’ll get an honest purchase on the blade throughout toil and slims at the handgrip so that you can barricade on the knife during fine work.


The Mora Kansbol showcases A good 90-degree spine which is ideal for hitting a fire starter or collecting fine wood scrapings.


The Morakniv Kansbol comes with a severe protective case that helps you to hold it without even injuring yourself around the arm, on your belt buckle, or in your pocket or purse. The knife quickly moves in and, with a tap, blocks shut. A brace keeps it in position with a push-stud. All are attached to a strong cord that has an incorporated lighter.


  • Convenient manage
  • the sheath is lightweight for carrying
  • Perfect for fishing, hunting, and camping


Does not look appealing

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How to Maintain Morakniv Kansbol?

How to Maintain Morakniv Kansbol?

Since the blade at Morakniv Kansbol is sharpened at a certain point in its manufacturing process, it is ready to be used straight out of the box. It then allows you to firmly retain the knife for anything you decide to apply for.

The use of the knife is almost innumerable, as it can be used in any circumstance where you want something to chop, hack, sculpt, or slice. This is almost certain to be wood but keep in mind it could also be utilized for hunting and fishing, so we have to apply animal or fish skin and bones to the list.

Whenever you are done with the blade, as a safeguard against rust, always make sure you wash off any moisture, such as rain, from the blade. After that, it must always be kept in its sheath if the blade is not used to secure the blade, and make sure there is no chance of the blade hurting you showcase someone else.


This is a bushcraft blade of high quality that’s a total toughie. This will become your loyal friend when you are in the countryside and require a knife you can depend on.

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