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Fallkniven Knives in Sweden, embracing the spirit of updating traditional designs, offers what essentially is a limited-edition blade knife designed primarily for pocket carry. This concept may not seem revolutionary, but adopting an FBPK (Fixed Blade Pocket Knife) or a similar enhanced knife demands a shift in how it’s carried.

Historically, many opted for a small fixed blade knife, often larger than a comparable folding knife in size or weight, yet still comfortably pocketable. Traditionally, sheath knives had a designated place on a belt, while neck knives were attached to a wearable sheath like a necklace.

Knives intended for pocket storage, sewn into garments and now known as pockets, were equipped with a folding mechanism, a unified handle design, and a locking system that secured the blade in an open position, offering varying levels of safety. In contrast, a redesigned fixed blade knife has a sturdy, non-moving structure, with a handle or clasp specifically designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Fallkniven Kk Knife Fixed Blade Review

The Fallkniven KK is a sub-3-ounce stabilized blade that has a blade lid precisely brought in for bag carry. The Fallkniven KK possesses a blade viscosity competing with the best folders that evaluate two or three times extra, and an optimistic clasp detailed with stainless cross defense simply segregating the barrier between grasp and blade.

It has a very fascinating yin-yang pattern with the blade pattern reflecting the grip. Directly, the KK started life as a drawing with a fluent consistent scribble finally coming to be a knife.

For a slightly fixed blade knife, it matches very sufficient in the hand, gives outstanding custody, and puts up with as ample force as you can summon. One of the things we set up most delightful in people’s first periodic months of holding up the KK is that when they jerk it out rather than one of the normal EDC folders is only how plump the blade feels.

It’s like correlating a hatchet to an axe. If you just possess a hatchet, things go adequately performing what your blade is eligible for, but if unexpectedly your folder was overhauled, or your hatchet was an ax, things turn out to be very distinct. And for certain, the cobalt steel blade will surely pull through the crinkled paper like butter. With a Rockwell toughness of 60, even after dozens of paws of cardboard, the blade will still remain shaving sharp. Perilously cropping sharp.

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The Handle

The handle of the Fallkniven KK is a checker structure Thermorun plastic. The track title for Thermorun is outstanding and attained large approval with its successful execution on the Fallkniven F1.

Deep Cover

The Zytel sheath is further of a blade cap that curbs the edge from undesirable disclosure than a sheath in the traditional sense. And that’s about it. The sheath comes off very handily and has no means to be securely clamped to the knife beyond the minor cross guard clip.

In fact, it shows off with an especially small percentage of pressure, which also seems to be the adequate quantity once you concede to the eras of use for the KK. With a soft stroke of the thumb, the sheath moves forward off the blade either staying in your pocket or to be placed near your cutting plan.

Laminated Blade

The blade is made of 402J2/Cobalt steel laminate which is renowned for its superior quality laminated blades. These are arguably the finest in the world. In a laminated blade, the core steel used for the cutting edge is encased between layers of different steel. This design combines the best of both worlds: the blade’s overall durability and resistance to staining, paired with an enhanced cutting edge that remains unaffected by aesthetics, care, or upkeep. Fallkniven aficionados refer to this particular grind as the Improved Convex Edge, or ICE for short, if such a term gains popularity.

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  • Outstanding handle
  • Blade cover
  • Pocket carry size.


  • Some customers complain about the weight.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the Fallkniven KK Knife?

The Fallkniven KK is a limited-edition fixed blade pocket knife designed for easy pocket carry. It features a sub-3-ounce stabilized blade and a unique design that balances traditional knife concepts with modern functionality.

What makes the Fallkniven KK unique?

This knife stands out due to its fixed blade design that is compact enough for pocket carry, a significant departure from traditional folding pocket knives. It has a sturdy, non-moving structure with a handle designed for comfortable grip and a blade made of high-quality 402J2/Cobalt steel laminate.

What is the handle design of the Fallkniven KK?

The handle is made of Thermorun plastic with a checker structure, offering a firm grip and durability. Thermorun has gained popularity for its performance, particularly on other Fallkniven models like the F1.

What is special about the blade of the Fallkniven KK?

The blade is a laminated 402J2/Cobalt steel, known for its durability and sharpness. This type of laminated blade design combines resistance to staining with a sharp, durable cutting edge. The blade is also notable for its yin-yang pattern that reflects the grip design.


The knife features a comfortable, safe handle and an extremely sharp blade with a keen edge. This non-aggressive design creates a knife that is versatile and suitable for any hand and task.

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