Cold Steel Bushman Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

Getting your hands on the perfect survival knife seems like one of the toughest things to do. Change is peculiar to this tool, in terms of designs, affordability, and performance; therefore, buying seems like a difficult task. However, there are yardsticks for you to consider, with brand reputation being the first thing to help you decide what to pick.

Cold Steel often comes with interesting designs for survival knives. While there are several series available, the Bushman is no doubt one of its top-selling products. Here, Cold Steel Bushman review aims at providing more information about the knife and its use in various scenarios.

Cold Steel Bushman



Cold Steel Bushman is a popular choice of survival knife, with top-notch versatility, and exclusive performance. You would not expect it to do so much judging its appearance; however, it beats expectations in many ways. For instance, its razor-sharp blade makes it a good choice for slicing, dicing, and cutting. It is also the perfect throwing and camping knife.

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Somehow, Cold Steel, as a brand, has managed to stay on top of its game with this incredible survival knife. See below for a good grasp of these features for active use.


Cold Steel Bushman has a blade forged of high carbon steel material. It comes in 2 exquisite styles – Bowie and Standard; these styles have a curved blade design for easy skimming and bushcrafting. It is also honed and buffed with an extra-thin edge, making it razor sharp. It could further be the fire starter you need, when in contact with another sharp/solid object (stone or another sharp knife).


The unique hollow handle makes this knife worth it. This ergonomics handle keeps it at the standards of a perfect bushcrafting knife, i.e., ensures ease of throwing. It is also forged out of a single piece of SK-5 high carbon steel for durability, and strength. Additionally, there is no seam connecting the handle to the blade, like most hollow handled knives. Moreover, the easy transitioning between the blade and the handle is due to the heat treatment to RC54. It is done over two tons of pressure.

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Adding to this knife’s simplicity, is a Cordura Secure-Ex sheath, reinforced with plastic sheeting, rivets, and stitching. It also houses a top-quality Ferrocerium Fire Steel.

Blade Edge: Hollow

Weight: 1 lb.

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Blade length: 7 ins.

Overall Length: 12 ¼ ins.

Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 3 ins.


  • Sharp and Swift
  • The hollow handle has a good storage
  • An ideal fire starter
  • Ergonomic and Convenient
  • Easy to convert into a spear – a throwing knife
  • It comes in two blade styles
  • Budget-friendly


  • The sheath has no retention
  • The handle has no grip

Buying Guide Questions

Do you have other things you would like to know about Cold Steel Bushman Knife? Below is a list of questions that sums it up for you.

Are the Aesthetics of Cold Steel Bushman Weird?

At first, most people would find themselves less-interested in the Cold Steel Bushman knife, following its outward appearance. It seemingly doesn’t fit the perfect knife you could imagine for outdoor use; however, you would have to deal with it because its performance is unparalleled.

Bushcrafters who want great results at the end of the day show much interest in how their knives perform, and Cold Steel Bushman fits perfectly. Therefore, the survival knife is not weird; it is only special.

What Makes a Perfect Throwing Knife?

There are about different things you should look for in a throwing knife. If you recall, Cold Steel Bushman is a throwing knife, and there are a couple of things that make it suit the role.

First, it is made of one single sheet of high carbon steel – both the handle and blade.

Next, it is a balanced knife, making it easy to throw from both ends.

Lastly, a great sheath makes throwing easier and better.

Is the Bushman’s Blade Dangerous?

As you can tell, the knife is sharpened to maintain an extra-thin edge, so that slicing and dicing are possible. Thus, the possibility of doing the two lies on the blade quality. It is therefore easy to say that the blade is dangerous and should only be used on targets.


Cold Steel Bushman review is one of many from the brand that you should check out; other available products would also interest you. If this knife fits the purpose, get one for yourself and improve bushcrafting skills.

If you have any suggestions and queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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