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What would you do if a disaster were to happen? You probably would not know since you are not prepared to handle it, and you don’t understand what survival tactics to utilize. You are not alone, and that is why you are here, right now. You want to learn about survival prepping, as you should because you never know what could be around the corner that would create a challenge for you when it comes to survival.

It is a great thing you are here as the survivalists at Survival Straps have plenty of tips, tricks, guides, survival product recommendations, and more to help you get through any disaster. The Survival Straps team recommends testing the products, so, therefore, you can trust their advice.

The tips and guides they write up are written based on first-hand experience and knowledge. If you follow their recommendations and purchase any of the survival products they list, you will get through any disaster.

The Survival Straps experts consist of a survivalist, an army veteran, a former military store owner who is now retired, a fisherman who is a hunter, and an outdoor expert. The outdoor expert is the founder and chief editor of Survival Straps. They all have plenty to teach you when it comes to survival.

Learn about each of the experts below.

Kyle LeeKyle Lee

Editor in Chief

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Kyle Lee was born and raised in Huston, Texas, and has spent his life since early on in childhood, participating in anything wildlife-related. Since he knew that the USA and other countries had tensions with one another and could go to war with others, his interest in survival grew stronger.

He began learning what he could do to prepare himself for any disaster. He explored what he could do to survive if a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, or flooding happened.

Kyle also studied nuclear weapons, EMP blasts, and solar flares and learned what to do to survive if a human-made disaster happened. Over time, his interests in survival and prepping became his life and passion. That is when he decided to establish Survival Straps, and is the Chief Editor as well.

Kyle found the survivalist and outdoor experts through forums and social media to contribute to the site’s high-quality content.  He currently works as a manager at a camping and outdoor store. Kyle still lives in Huston, lives by himself with his two cats, and spends his spare time watching war documentaries.

Isaac McMahonIsaac McMahon

Content Consultant

Isaac McMahon was born and raised in the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana, and as a child, he experienced the destruction of his home due to flooding. That touched him for life as his family had to do what they could to survive and did not prepare themselves to deal with such a tragic event that ruined his home.

Over time, Isaac became interested in the law and survival. He entered the police force for several years until he retired at a young age. After Isaac retired, he opened up a military store on the outskirts of New Orleans.

The store sold tactical and survival equipment. As a licensed firearm dealer, he sold various weapons as he did cater mostly to the military and anyone in law enforcement.

Isaac ran the store for a decade and decided to close it down, as he is retired. Today other than being a valued contributor to Survival Straps, Isaac lives as an empty nester retiree with his wife, and two dogs. He enjoys taking the dogs out to run around in the park nearby. He also has a strong interest in genealogy and spends much of his free time with that.

Dan gregoryDan Gregory

Content Consultant

Dan Gregory grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and his family often went on camping trips as he developed fond memories of life in the outdoors. During his childhood, he spent much time developing survivalist skills and relied on his primitive skills to get him through. He grew to realize that disasters can loom at any time, and those survival skills and prepping were invaluable.

As a young adult, Dan was drafted into the American Army and served many years in the military. That experience only sharpened his survival skills. During his time in the army, he became married and had two kids, and moved around to different countries including Japan and UAE.

Dan is now a military veteran living in Boulder, Colorado, who decided to go to cooking school and work at a restaurant as a cook. When Dan is not working or contributing excellent content to Survival Straps, he spends plenty of time with his family by having exciting outings.

Amanda JenningsAmanda Jennings

Writer, Researcher & Product Reviewer

Amanda Jennings was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and she always enjoyed camping when she was a child. Over time, she developed a strong interest in martial arts, firearms, survival education, and gear. However, she had to deal with a lot of taunting in school by other girls who made fun of her being a ‘tomboy’. Amanda did not allow that to get to her, however.

Amanda became an outdoor and camping expert and would give talks at museums about survival and prepping to children and adults. She was a guest speaker at many venues, and the invitations for her to speak continue to this day.

Amanda works at a camping and outdoor store in Calgary and is a valued contributor to Survival Straps. When Amanda is not public speaking, working, and writing, she spends her time learning about the universe and space and watching SciFi shows.

Josh KlassenJosh Klassen

Writer, Researcher & Product Reviewer

Josh Klassen was born in Malibu, California, and spent many of his youth enjoying beach life. However, his father used to take Josh to the country and the lake to hunt and fish. Josh developed an affinity for fishing and hunting. His love for fishing, marine life, and water grew more robust during his high school time.

He applied to various schools to get into marine biology and oceanography programs. The University of Hawaii at Manoa at Honolulu accepted Josh, and that is where he completed the program. Josh studied the oceans and marine life in various seas and remote, harsh regions such as the Arctic and Antarctica.

Because of living in extreme conditions for months at a time during his studies, he learned more about survival, fishing, and hunting. Nowadays, Josh is an instructor at schools and teaches students about hunting, fishing, and survival. He contributes valuable content to Survival Straps on those topics.

Josh today lives in Los Angeles, is married, has two kids, and is an avid swimmer, which he enjoys during his spare time.