Fallkniven A1 Pro Review – Complete Guide, Helpful Advice & More

A survivalist always knows what’s best for him, especially when it pertains to his survival. However, for young, amateur survivalists who are still learning the ropes, getting informed is a top priority; the essence is to ensure you discover the things suitable for your newly-found path.

With ample resources to help, you should know what’s perfect and whatnot for survival situations in a couple of months.

A good start is knowing the type of tools to use in your kind of situation – there are many things to choose from, and that could leave you confused. A great example is the choice of survival knife because different knives have their specific uses and performance.

Thus, it would be best if you had a guide like this Fallkniven A1 Pro review to help give you an insight into what’s perfect for different knife work.

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Fallkniven A1 Pro Review


Fallkniven A1 Pro is an incredible survival knife made by a company with several years of experience designing products with top-notch durability and simplicity. The knife is a bridge between the traditionally designed and the modern types; the structure fits the former while technological additions make the latter.

Overall, it is a professional, world-standard knife great for all survivalists to use.



The survival knife is a plain edge fixed blade-type made of high-quality, rust-resistant VG10 Steel material that guarantees durability and performance. One of the exciting things about this blade is that it stays strong and sharp, making it suitable for various cutting and slicing tasks.

Following Fallkniven A1 Pro blade’s construction, it is more incredible than the original iconic models – F1, S1, and A1.


This knife has a special handle that features great ergonomics for excellent performance. For instance, the handle has a contoured grip with Thermorun material that is heat- and abrasion-resistant.

While this handle has a robust grip, there is also a lanyard hole and a metal pommel for easy attachment and an alternative for striking surfaces, respectively.


Fallkniven A1 Pro knife features a unique new tapered tang quite different from older models; it is wider and thicker. The purpose of a tang is to ensure maximum rigidity for impressive performance.


Like many survivalist knives, this A1 Pro knife has a Zytel sheath, alongside other features such as a waterproof box and a sharpening stone. The sheath does well to secure and safeguard the knife against hazards or damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Thick and reliable
  • A must-have for every survivalist
  • It comes with a protective sheath
  • It uses a diamond sharpener to maintain sharp edges
  • Durable with outstanding grip


  • None

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For a survival knife like Fallkniven A1 Pro, there are always questions about its use and efficiency. Some of these questions include;

Is Fallkniven A1 Pro Dangerous?

Generally, knives can be useful but dangerous in a way. Even when they are perfect for performing different cutting tasks, the sharp edge isn’t exactly friendly. Therefore, it is often advised that you should take precautions if you are handling a survival knife like the Fallkniven A1 Pro.

Besides, the knife comes with a sheath to offer adequate protection against domestic or outdoor hazards. More importantly, it should be kept away from the reach of children.

Can You Use Fallkniven A1 Pro at Home?

People use knives for different things depending on what they have been assigned to do and the blade quality. Fallkniven A1 Pro is every survivalist’s knife, but it doesn’t mean it is only limited to outdoor use.

There could be some things you might want to do at home, and this knife can come in handy; it is always convenient to use by everyone.

Why Do You Need a Survival Knife?

If you interview one or two survivalists, many emphasize the need for protection against certain situations. Having a survival knife would help in that aspect because of the way it was designed. However, other uses like cutting and slicing games, skinning, etc., make it expendable.

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Fallkniven A1 Pro Review


Many survivalists reading this Fallkniven A1 Pro review would agree that having a knife like this helps a lot. Apart from its cutting potential, it has great features for convenient and seamless use in desperate situations.

Feel free to share your views.

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