Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review – Everything You Must Know with FAQs & More

While minor than its popular big brother the Fallkniven A1, the F1 is not limited to the fighter.  With a laminated steel blade and extensive full tang, the F1 gives the satisfaction in hand that several other survival knives can just assert in advertisements.

Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review

Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review

It is the steel that puts this knife distant from its counterparts.  Nonetheless, comprehending an übersteel is not something you can do in a mart, or through images and video on the internet. Rather, the F1 must be felt to know the capacity of this top-shelf knife.

With a street rate about a quarter-click north of a Benji, the F1 is skilfully in crashing distance for multiple who are glancing for a high edge but inexpensive blade.

The nosebleed logo surprise of tailored knives always outweighs their execution raising the fee too huge to avoid and therefore wrecking any profitable conversation.

But with the Fallkniven F1, you can get tailored spin-flight at a rate well inward adequate threshold.

The F1 with F as in Flight and flight as in-flight survival knife has many features concealed low within its royally modest design.

From the molded Thermorun handle, to the VG10 super steel laminated knife, to the convex grind, to the bland but helpful Zytel sheath.  The F1 system is a skilled captain’s survival knife that will effortlessly surpass the wants of an experienced survivalist.

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1. Comfortability

A comfortable knife is an aggregate when it’s the major article of your gear. And we have to tell, the Fallkniven F1 is extremely comfortable to utilize, with or without gloves, for long trips or small ones, in the Cold of Winter or the Heat during Summer.

Several moments, with martial knives, you earn an excessively technical handle, far too contentious gimping plus a half-dozen other spotlights that make things more difficult. But the Fallkniven F1 lives true to what you’d anticipate from Swedish outlines. They have concentrated on functionality over fashionable appearance.

2. Firesteel

Several bush crafters, yearn to understand if a knife possesses a sharp 90° spine that can be utilized with fire steel. And the Fallkniven F1 does certainly have a sharp spine.

Nonetheless, you are not allowed to utilize fire steel with it due to the presence of laminated steel. This is a popular principle among laminated steels, not only the F1.

As for grinding and readying tender though, it’s a tournament on. The spine of the F1 performs an incredible task when scraping bark into smooth tender and related kinds of chores.

3. Convex grind

In expansion, Fällkniven preferred to improve the knives with a convex grind. This implies that the thinner portion from the spine towards the horizon isn’t curved but convex. This looks like a flaw, but it isn’t.

Subsequently, all the knife hasn’t been added with an unimportant advantage at the end of the blade. The grind is assigned in one, convex line towards the edge. As such you don’t possess a force at the edge that deserts you with cutting friction, and the edge on its own is vital.

fallkniven f1 survival knife review


  • Solid, nice edge maintenance.
  • Effortless to sharpen.
  • Nice quality sheath.
  • Sparks up fire steel adequately.
  • It will survive a lifetime with a trifle or nothing to restore, no handle to shatter/crack.
  • Weatherproof particularly with Kydex sheath.


  • Thin handle,
  • It can be uneasy after a period.
  • Huger than most knives of similar size.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who would love the Fallkniven F1?

The Fallkniven F1 equalizes faultlessly in an area between bushcraft, tactical/survival, and daily carry. We cannot tell that basically about a bunch of knives.

With that told, we would approve this knife to somebody who is checking out for a small, durable, and bombproof fixed blade knife that will mainly be utilized outdoors.

Where are Fallkniven knives made?

Distinguished to what several people believe Fällkniven knives are produced in Japan. For years Fallkniven has been conducting business there with the best knife producers the city has ever remembered. The fixed knives are manufactured by Hattori.

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Finally, while there is a commonly ratified least grip size, the F1 has an outstanding equilibrium between the control surface and cutting surface.  The F1 obeys the laws you give it with the center at the index finger.

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