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The Bowie Knife is a structure much like the AR15 pattern. The popularly named Bowie Knife is common aspect with some aspects, but there is no one kind of Bowie, nor any special characteristic that makes or halts a Bowie Knife.

In common a Bowie Knife is a huge blade, something eight or extra inches, an all-around length better than a foot, a cross guard distinguishing the blade from the handle, and a bolt point blade top. Eventually, there is the look of a false edge riding along the lid of the blade from cue through a curl stopping at the spine very well.

The inaccurate edge may or may not be smoothed, and therefore the Bowie might cut both paths. Nonetheless, most Bowie Knives are not sharpened on the upper part of the blade because of weapons rules in several jurisdictions. But initially as a war knife, that was the fact.

The inception of the Bowie Knife is a slightly knotted in mythology and impressions. Even the facts banks upon which story you consent to. But lastly, and even with all the untold, the Bowie Knife is part of the most popularly known and well-known blades on earth. And just as the preliminary Bowie Knives were developing and raising up as each one was battered into life on the blacksmith’s anvil.

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Fallkniven Mb Modern Bowie Review



1. Blade Steel

The majority of the modern high-end knives from Fallkniven are prepared from laminated CoS steel that is Cobalt-Special strengthened to 60 HRC. Laminated steel is like a sandwich. You possess the nice stuff inside and you stuff it with bread so it doesn’t remove. In normal representations, lamination enhances tensile stability to steel.

The tougher more brittle steel is utilized between fluffier steels. This brings about the knife smaller prone to halting or earning hair breaks in the steel edifice with tough use.

A widespread misconception is that lamination will enhance edge retention or additional toughness to the zenith. The cutting edge nonetheless is not laminated as this is the area where the major steel desires to do its work.

Nevertheless, it is told that the coercion of the cladding procedure fastens the molecular pattern of the central steel improving edge retention.

2. Handle

The grip of the Modern Bowie is manufactured from Thermorun. For people who have never learned of it, it can be best illustrated as a rubber-type substance that is extremely immune to chemicals, UV, heat ripening and climate. Also strengthening the corrosion obstruction of the Fallkniven knives. The grips have a pattern on them to boost grip bringing them sticky even in the rain.

Thermorun glitters in the cold as it nearly doesn’t regulate heat from your hands. Fallkniven suppresses the entire tang of the blade with Thermorun therefore, the steel doesn’t come in contact with your hands because stainless steel conducts heat 600 times quicker than air.

In addition, the handle appearance is good and structured in a manner to provide you sufficient control for minor tasks and sufficient space to obtain a nice swing with it

3. Sheath

The sheath is modest but prepared of large-quality leather. The knife is held in with a belt that gets on over the guard rendering it difficult for the knife to altercate.

In the outset, it might be difficult to shut the belt as the leather still has to lengthen a bit. In the period it will come to be simpler. One thing to note is that the MB arrives with a leather sheath rather than the Zytel sheath.

The leather sheath enhances the bounty sensation of the blade but for a real survival goal, the Zytel sheath would be a nice alternative.

4. Price

The knife executes like a king but the price of this knife is something that has the right to its own section. Not just does this bounty knife arrive in a bounty package but it also arrives at a premium price.

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  • Finger Guard.
  • Adequately stabilized steel.
  • Chaste.
  • Incredible chopper.
  • Very all-round.


  • High Rate.
  • Handle can feel hard.

Frequently Asked Question

Is this knife worth the price?

Let me begin by explaining, price and quality does not go up equally. This is generally influenced by the study that goes into it, premium factors and of course rate and need play a part.


The Fällkniven MB Modern Bowie is a modern knife with wide and prosperous record. If you have a shortcoming or desire for a Bowie-class knife, then the MB should be your commencing point.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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