Esee 6 Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

A trip somewhere you are not so familiar with requires maximum preparedness, regardless of what it will cost you. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you’d hope to have brought something significant and useful. Therefore, you must do all the necessary findings so that you can enjoy every moment outdoors.

As one of the essentials, you need a survival knife that would do so many things. Interestingly, these knives are not always difficult to find; still, you need to pick from the right brand – like ESEE. If you have got a few moments on your hand, reading this ESEE 6 Knife review might help you more than you think.

Esee 6 Knife Reviews 


ESEE Knives are manufactured by Randall’s Adventure Training, a company established in 1997 to be one of the top producers of survival and military knives. This company takes time to make sure they deliver products with excellent design and dynamic performance to do the job needed. More time is spent on field tests to achieve the desired result from their different knife models.

One of the company’s best survival knives, approved by experts in the industry, is the ESSE 6 Knife. It is a fixed blade knife designed with good, beautiful materials, making sure it is handy and functional. It is always worth the money, and there are some features that contribute to its impressive performance.


Material Construction

ESEE-6 Knife is made of a full-tang 1095 high carbon steel material and coated with a black powder for maximum durability. It also has a black finish with a coyote brown molded polymer Kydex sheath and a removable clip for easy and convenient carry. This professional survival knife works well in the wilderness and is perfect to use even in tactical situations.


This wilderness knife has a good design and a natural balance, making it a choice for skinning games. It has a 6.50” drop point fixed blade shape that gives you much control over what you are doing without losing its quality for other intended purposes.

More importantly, it features an ergonomic grip with a Canvas Micarta handle having an exposed pommel and lanyard loop for easy attachment.

Blade Material: Alloy Steel

Blade Edge: Flat

Overall Length: 11.75“

Weight: 1 lb.

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Pros and Cons


  • Tough Construction
  • Great working edge
  • Rugged and customizable handle
  • Top-notch ergonomics
  • Perfect choice for skinning, chopping, bushcraft, and tactical situations


  • Needs proper care and maintenance
  • Blade gets corroded or rough if not greased

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If you are worried about getting the ESEE 6 Knife but with questions yet unanswered, hopefully, this section would help bring everything to light.

Why is the ESEE 6 Knife Made of High Carbon Steel and not Stainless Steel?

Knives may look alike, i.e., the blade and the handle, but they don’t do the same thing. Each knife has its designed construction, which ultimately determines its usability. Therefore, you wouldn’t expect a knife designed only for cutting, doing the same job for skinning or bushcraft.

ESEE 6 Knife is a survival, tactical knife designed for tactical situations, skinning, and bushcraft. It is made of a high carbon steel blade because it is durable and comfortable to perform these tasks. If another material were to be used, its performance or usability for these purposes would have been different.

How Long Can You Use ESEE 6 Survival Knife?

ESEE 6 Survival Knife guarantees you one significant thing – excellent durability. Following its rigid, rugged construction, i.e., drop point enhanced blade with Kydex sheath handle with ergonomic grip, you can use the knife for a long time. However, what is important for you to do during that period of active use is ensure it is appropriately taken care of by greasing the blade with oil.

Who Needs an ESEE 6 Knife?

Most outdoorsy would find Randall’s survival knife, ESEE 6, worth it. Undoubtedly, it is handy and fit for survival situations. Additionally, it has nice features for convenient carry and attachment.

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Esee 6 Knife ReviewConclusion

Wouldn’t it be such a great idea to go for ESEE 6 Knife if you are interested in a top-tier quality fixed blade with excellent performance? However, make sure it is the appropriate choice for the purposes mentioned earlier, so you don’t have issues later.

Did you use it? Tell us in the comments.