Schrade Schf9 Survival Knife Review – Complete Overview

If you are a survivalist or an outdoor explorer, you would know the importance of having multiple tools. Some tasks in the outdoors require handy, heavy-duty equipment, and others might require small tools. If you plan to go hunting, you need more tools than other folks going camping or hiking. You might kill a big game that you didn’t expect to come across, and you have to be ready to execute bushcraft.

The best way to balance all these needs is to buy tools that can be applied to a wide range of purposes. If you want a heavy-duty everyday carry knife that meets the above criteria, then you should take a look at this Schrade SCHF9 Survival Knife. This knife is uniquely designed with many amazing features, and we have reviewed the product in detail.

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Key Features

1095 Powder-Coated Carbon Steel Blade

This knife is uniquely made with high-quality materials that make it resistant to corrosion and damage. The blade is made from carbon steel, and this allows for durability and a sharp edge.

Heavy-Duty Knife

This knife is a heavy-duty knife uniquely designed for bushcraft and other difficult cutting tasks. It utilizes a full tang design that allows you to use and optimize the blade easily.

Designed with a Ring Textured, TPE handle

This knife is made with a black, ring textured thermoplastic elastomer handle. It is uniquely designed to keep you comfortable, and it can work in any weather condition. The knife also has a finger-adapted grip that allows for easy use.

Comes with a Lanyard Hole

This knife is designed with a lanyard hole that helps you to carry the knife around as you wish. You can attach it to your belt, your car, or any other place.

Comes with a Belt Sheath and Removable Storage Pouch

If you are thinking about using this knife as a piece of everyday carry equipment, the process will be easy. The knife comes with a belt sheath with a removable storage pouch. You can put it on your body without even knowing the equipment is there.

Designed for Outdoor Purposes

If you plan to go hunting, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, or engage in any other outdoor activity, you should bring this knife along. The blade works perfectly for all outdoor activities, and it is also handy at home.


Brand name: Schrade

Weight: 15.7 ounces

Length: 6.4 inches

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Suitable for everyday carry

This knife comes with a lanyard hole and a belt sheath. You have plenty of ways you can transport the knife without you realizing it is there till you need the tool. You can attach it to your person or hang it somewhere around you.

Designed for multiple purposes

This knife is mainly made for hunting and outdoor activities like camping and hunting. However, you can also use it for indoor activities like cooking and other household functions.

Built for durability

This knife is made with thermoplastic and carbon steel. The steel will not rust, and all you have to do is oil it regularly. The knife comes with a sharp edge, and the heavy-duty structure gives you the ability to cut through multiple materials.

Uniquely built for comfort

If you want a knife with a grip designed for comfort, then you should buy this product. This knife has an excellent feel, and it cuts through items effortlessly. You would feel comfortable when you use it, and your fingers will be relaxed.

Specially designed for safe handling

This knife is uniquely built for safety. It comes with a thermoplastic handle with a steady grip. It can’t get too hot, and your hand will not slip out of the grip. If your hand happens to slip out, it has a finger choil as a backup to keep you from getting injured. The knife also comes with a polyester sheath, so you can comfortably put it in your bag.


  • Heavy-structure knife
  • If you are looking for a lightweight knife, then you should not purchase this product. This knife is quite heavy, and you have to be ready to handle it as such.


If you are a survivalist, then you should have different knives for different purposes. This knife is for heavy-duty bushcraft use, and it can also be applied for other functions. If you are convinced this product will serve some of your hunting needs, we advise that you go ahead with the purchase.

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