Fallkniven A2 Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

When you are actually far from populated regions, you need to be skilled to depend on your tool; some things simply have to help, despite everything.

The Fallkniven A2 is a representation of a knife of severe stability that will never disappoint you, a knife that can stand out under tremendous pressure. The purpose for its extraordinary accomplishment is that Fallkniven utilizes a recently-developed laminated stainless steel, that has an end comprising of the now popular VG10 steel and sides comprising of strong 420J2 steel.

Fallkniven A2 Review


The mixture of these various sorts of steel provides a knife that maintains its edge nicely and which is similarly very vital.

Since this knife is equipped with a convex edge, and this is adequate both for slashing and hitting. A nicely sewn leather sheath is embodied as standard.

For excursions and difficult outdoor life, the Model A2 is the apparent option for traveling colleagues. You must be apt to bank on your tool when distant from society. Your gear must function every time, and the Fallkniven A2 will constantly execute.

The Fallkniven A2 is an incredibly strong knife that will never dissatisfy you. The A2 is a knife that will hold up to incredible distress and pressures. The reason for the A2’s extraordinary performance is through the usage of experienced class laminated stainless steel that incorporates an edge of our famous VG10 steel sandwiched between two pieces of extremely handy and strong 420J2 steel. The mixture of these metals produces a blade that retains its edge incredibly well while also existing exceptionally sharp.

The Fallkniven A2 has convex edge readying that is relatively helpful for slashing, slicing, and hitting. An increased quality firmly sewn leather sheath is contained. Whether on an excursion, inhabiting the hard outdoor life, or only a significant outdoorsman, for a life-long touring friend, the Fallkniven A2 is the apparent option.

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Under Cover

The leather sheath for the A2 is of a double-dealing system with the sole conserving snap belt fastening unrestricted to the back when in right-hand carry.  All-inclusive, people certainly love the sheath.  It is modest and very active the dangler handily matches up to three-inch belts.  The articulation of the grasp while in the sheath is barely external to the body making it susceptible to hold. The leather is comfortable to the blade clutching it in position just nice without the expanded snap belt for all but the greatly forceful gymnastics.

fallkniven a2 survival knife review

Match Making

A neighborhood in desire of mention is that in any intended wilderness journey the Fällkniven A2 will not be touring alone.  Most transporters of the A2 complement its abilities with a minor knife of both the folding and straight assortment.

You will receive no statement from me about the need of a smaller blade, but neither will I allow knee-jerk statements attacking big knives go unresolved Survival devices plunge along a continuance from tiny to big, light to huge, inexpensive to costly, and weak to durable.

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  • Finger protector.
  • Adequately proportional steel
  • Clean
  • Great chopper.
  • Very multipurpose.


  • Costly.
  • The grip can feel tough.


  • Eligible to Peel a Firesteel
  • Multipurpose.
  • Stainless steel
  • Survival
  • Able to Scrape a Firesteel
  • all-round
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Stainless steel


This knife is an incredible quantity of steel that brings about every knife lover smile. The Modern Bowie shines in cold climate survival and will certainly take you home.

Because of its outstanding blade profile, it dices and divides wood like no other. It would be thoughtful to match it with a lesser knife like the Fallkniven F1 for minor chores like carving though.

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  • Amanda Jennings

    Amanda Jennings was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and always enjoyed her youth’s camping trips. Over time, she developed an interest in survival, martial arts, firearms, and survival gear. Even though she was made fun of by other girls at school because of her ‘tomboyish’ ways, it did not bother her. She developed a more substantial interest in survival and became a public speaker on the topic. Amanda receives invitations from museums to speak about the case of survival. She also works at a camping and outdoor store in Calgary and has a strong interest in space and SciFi.