CRKT Redemption Knife Review


If you aren’t aware of this, then here is an opportunity to be informed – not all knives are built for the same tasks. Sometimes, you will find a set perfect for slicing and cutting; at other times, there are those great for chopping and slashing. Before you choose a survival knife, ensure it is built for the task you need it to do.

One of many significant choices of survival knives are those used for slashing. These knives have blades that can handle strong surfaces; they could cut down woods to build a shelter. Columbia River Knife Tool Company guarantees something that would be useful to avid survivalists in this CRKT Redemption Knife review – you should follow through.

CRKT Redemption Knife

  • Description

CRKT brand always comes with great inventions that would help anyone who would like to have an overwhelming experience outdoors. In this case, shelter making is made possible with the CRKT Redemption Knife. It is the only type of knife that wouldn’t carve or cut wood; instead, it cuts through trees perfect for making shelter.

The Redemption Knife is classy and sharp, which is why it can perform some heavy-duty tasks. Surprisingly, it is an EDC Fixed Blade Pocket Knife and can also serve the purpose of a multi-tool. Sometimes, the appearance could make you doubt its performance; however, it does the unimaginable.

  • Features

The sellable features of this EDC knife include;

Blade: CRKT Redemption Knife features a 9.5” hefty “Onion-style” drop point steel blade to ensure an extraordinary cutting performance. This three-quarter tang blade also works in conjunction with its Flat Grind to make sure chopping and slashing become easy and natural. It is further coated with a black powder finish for durability.

Handle: Adding to the knife’s high-performance blade, it has a Black G10 Finger Groove Handle. For a secured grip, this handle is contoured with swells, grooves, and curves, so it works effectively irrespective of the environment. In the same vein, there is comfort and good balance from handling this knife tool.

Sheath: Like many top-rated knives, this fixed blade tool comes with a high-strength nylon sheath. There is also a reversible thermal formed plastic insert for safe and easy carry. Additionally, you will find a leg strap to enhance a secure fit further.

Grind: Flat

Overall Length: 15”

Weight: 1.3 lb.

Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 4 ins.

  • Pros

Durable and Versatile

It saves the blade’s edge always

Ergonomic handle and secured grip

Razor-sharp blade

  • Cons

The black finish on the metal runs the risk of loss

No universal hand placement

Buying Guide Questions

Buying something worth the penny is bliss. However, there will be questions on your mind before you do, especially when it involves the Redemption Knife.

Why is CRKT Redemption Knife Different?

For those familiar with survival knives, there is always something remarkable about them that makes them different from normal kitchen knives and others. For one, they are designed for heavy-duty tasks that involve chopping, cutting, slicing, and slashing. While they are available in different sizes, styles, weight, blade, and handle material qualities, it could be a little difficult to choose.

CRKT Redemption Knife is different from most survival knives not only because it has a fixed blade and an EDC, but because its strength is unique. This survival knife is particularly used for slashing wood and cutting down trees to build a shelter. Indeed, it works almost like an ax.

Is CRKT Knife Good Under a Wet Condition?

One thing most people like to avoid when it comes to choosing a knife tool is inefficiency under wet conditions. Sometimes, you cannot tell what to expect from a campsite or location, especially when it comes to weather. Interestingly, CRKT Redemption Knife stays strong and well-balanced in any environment because of its Black G10 Handle designed with contours for a secured grip.

Do I Need the Survival Knife for Camping?

If you plan to spend time outdoors, either camping or backpacking, you need to consider having a survival knife on you. The basic reason is to keep yourself protected; others would be to cut down trees or clear paths to build shelter, cut ropes, etc.


There is a lot to learn from this CRKT Redemption Knife review; however, you should remember that knives have their purposes in any survival situation.

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