Ontario Tak 1 Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

If you are an outdoor explorer or work with many tools, you would know how important it is to have a versatile knife lying in your toolbox. This type of blade will allow you to perform many tools comfortably and quickly. If you are looking for such a piece of equipment, you should look at this Tak 1 manufactured under the Ontario Rat Series. We have reviewed this product in detail for you. Enjoy!

Ontario TAK 1 Review


Key Features

Made From Carbon Steel

Ontario Rat series knives are made with carbon steel, allowing for durability and a razor-sharp edge. The blade is resistant to corrosion, and the matte black finish gives it extra protection. The advantage of the knife is also razor-sharp, and it will cut through any light material.

Designed for Everyday Carry Purposes

If you need a knife that is easy to carry, maintain, sharpen, and use for everyday purposes, this is the perfect product. This knife has been uniquely designed for plenty of goals, and you can use it in the kitchen and around the household.

Fixed Blade

This knife is designed with a fixed blade, and this allows for more durability. The edge is extended into the handle, and there are no moving parts.

Designed With a Drop Point Shape

If you want a knife uniquely designed for precision cuts, this is the perfect knife. This knife has a sharp point head that makes it easy to perform precision cuts, and the large belly area allows you to slice through anything

It Comes With a Molle Compatible Sheath

All Ontario rat series knives come with a MOLLE compatible sheath, and this product is not an exception. This nylon sheath allows you to carry your knife around without fear of injury.

Made With a Tough Micarta Handle

A good handle is as important as the blade itself. This knife comes with a tough micarta handle that allows you to grip the knife in a comfortable, sturdy manner.

Made in the USA

This knife was made in the United States of America, which speaks to the quality of the product.

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Brand name: Ontario Knife Company

Weight: 16 ounces

Length: 10 inches

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Suitable for Everyday Use

This knife is designed and well-suited for everyday use. The blade is designed in a way that makes it easy to carry and use. The grip allows you to hold in a sturdy and comfortable form. If you are afraid of the blade getting blunt, you should know that it is easy to maintain and sharpen.


When a product is versatile, you know it can solve multiple problems. This knife is designed to help with various chores around the household and on hunting grounds.

Made for Durability

This knife is made with carbon steel, and that makes it resistant to corrosion. The blade is also designed with a black matte coating, and this gives it further protection. If you are looking for a knife that will last long, this is your best bet.

Designed for Safety

Although this knife utilizes a drop point design and a razor-sharp edge, it is uniquely designed to keep you safe. The knife comes with a sheath, and the grip is strong, comfortable, and sturdy. This allows you to transport it safely and use it anytime you want.

Made With an Extra Sharp Edge

This knife utilizes a plain blade edge, and the razor is quite sharp. It comes with a nylon sheath, but you should be careful not to touch the blade edges. The drop point head can easily injure you if you are not careful.

Great Value for Money

If you are looking for value for your money, then you should consider buying this product. This knife comes at a very affordable price, and it gives you more value than the cost.


You might have to replace the sheath

This knife comes with a nylon sheath, and users agree that the sheath is not very strong. You might have to get a leather sheath to go with the knife.


If you are a hunter, handyman, survivalist, or you happen to use tools a lot, then you should have a small knife designed for multiple purposes lying in your toolbox. If you want a knife like this, then you should consider buying the Ontario Tak 1.

We have reviewed this knife, and we are certain you will like it, do tell us in the comments section below.

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