Wilderness Tool Condor Tool Knife Review – Detailed Overview, Tips & More

The Wilderness Tool is made of 420 HC stainless steel, enhancing its durability against rust and maintaining a longer-lasting sharp edge. Most of the metal surface is covered with a dark coating, providing additional protection to the underlying steel.

The sharp edges of the tool remain uncoated. It features a 6 3/4-inch blade and has an overall length of 12 1/8 inches. The handle is crafted from Santoprene, giving it a rubber-like texture. This tool’s metallic part smoothly transitions into an elegant leather sheath, equipped with two snaps for secure fastening.

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Wilderness Tool Condor Tool Knife


Condor Wilderness Tool: Uniquely Creative, Versatile, and Powerful!

The Condor Wilderness Tool revolutionizes outdoor survival with its remarkable, multi-functional design. This tool doesn’t just accompany you into the woods; it dominates the wilderness. Equipped with a substantial knife tip, shovel, razor pick, and a smart feature, this tool does it all. Whether it’s cutting paths, felling trees, building shelters, lighting bonfires, dressing large game, or cooking, the Wilderness Tool is your ultimate survival ally. Despite its robust capabilities, it remains astonishingly lightweight at just under one pound, including its leather sheath.



The Condor Device and Blade isn’t just a survival tool; it’s a bushcraft champion. Fresh out of the box, its razor-sharp edge is ready to expertly slice through hickory for your campfire. It excels in cutting, trimming, and shaping strong maple trees into useful tent stakes. Durability is key – it resists rolling, chipping, and surface damage, maintaining its sharpness in any situation.


The blade also boasts the iconic “Eye of the Condor” design, embodying the belief that living under the Condor’s watch ensures protection, soundness, and victory. Available in two finishes – blasted satin and the ultra-durable “Ultra BIaC2” black coating – the latter is heat-treated at 285 degrees Fahrenheit to meet or surpass various global military standards.


The “Poszegrip” handle, made from tough yet comfortable Santoprene, ensures a secure, comfortable grip. Its unique texture and rubber components enhance its non-slip quality. The distinct blue/gray color of the Condor Tool & Knife handles isn’t just stylish; it makes the knife easily locatable if dropped in the field. These molded handles, featuring a full tang and a sturdy metal lanyard locknut, provide unmatched durability. The handle’s round shape is designed for a more comfortable grip than traditional handles.

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  • Stainless steel enhances ease of maintenance
  • Multiple cutting surfaces support a wide range of tasks
  • Compact yet sturdy design
  • Handles feature predrilled holes for various storage and holding options
  • Highly affordable


  • Sharpening the hard blade presents a significant challenge
  • Requires a large sharpener for effective sharpening

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Does this knife come with a left-handed sheath?

This knife is exclusively for right-handed use.

Is there a protective coating on the knife?

Yes, it has a thin film/coat. Removing it requires sandpaper or a solvent.


The Wilderness Tool comes with a high-quality, dark leather sheath, beautifully crafted for durability. Its swivel belt loop allows the knife to easily move aside as you navigate through woods or forests. This design feature also prevents the knife from becoming a nuisance in vehicles, avoiding the discomfort typical sheaths can cause.

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