Wilderness Tool Condor Tool Knife Review – Detailed Overview, Tips & More

The Wilderness Tool is constructed with 420 HC stainless steel, which provides increased resistance to corrosion and allows the instrument to keep its sharper edge for longer. A dark coating covers a large part of the metal layer adding another coat of coverage to the underlaying metal.

There is no coating on the sharp edges. The blade is 6 34 inches in length, and the instrument is 12 1/8 inches in length total. Santoprene, a rubber-like component, is used to make the round handle. The product’s metal component blends seamlessly into a stylish leather sheath with 2 snaps to hold it secure.

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Wilderness Tool Condor Tool Knife Review


Condor Wilderness Tool is one of a kind, creative, and multipurpose! A large knife tip, a shovel, a razor pick, and a clever feature are all included in this one weapon. It is the instrument users want with them when they’re going into the woods! Cut firing lanes and trees, construct a shelter, construct a bonfire pit, farm dress large game, construct a small fire, and cook food; the Wilderness TooI can save one’s life when anyone were stranded or trapped, and it weighs just under one pound with its leather sheath.



The Condor Device and Blade is a razor-sharp survival tool that can compete with every bushcrafter. It brushes right off of the package and can slice skilled hickory for a kitchen fire. Strong maple trees are ideal for cutting, trimming, and sharpening into tent stakes. There will be no rolling, chipping, or other harm to the surface. In any situation, it maintains a razor-sharp edge.


In addition, the blade has a classic “Eye of the Condor” molded into it. According to tradition, “if one lives their life underneath the watchful eye of the Condor, they will be protected, sound, and victorious in battle.” The Condor Wilderness Tool is available in two edge touches: blasted satin and “Ultra BIaC2,” a dark paint coating. At 285 degrees Fahrenheit, this polish is baked into the product. So many military standards from the United States and many nations across the globe are met or exceeded by this polish.


The “Poszegrip” grip is constructed from a unique Santoprene that is both strong and comfortable enough to offer a real comfy grasp. To improve non-slip abilities, the grip has a unique structure and real rubber parts.

The unique Condor Tool & Knife blue/gray handles shade was chosen not just to let the grips stand out, but to also make it easier to find the knife if it was dropped somewhere, especially in the field. The molded handles are constructed with a complete tang and a metal lanyard locknut that runs via the handles and tang provides additional durability. The circular shape of the grip occupies the hand more than a standard handle.

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  • Stainless steel renders it easier to maintain
  • Many cutting surfaces allow for a broader variety of activities
  • Compact but robust
  • Predrilled hole in the handles allows for many storages and holding choices
  • Quite inexpensive


  • It is very difficult to sharpen the hard blade.
  • It requires a big sharpener to sharpen it.


Is it possible that this knife will arrive with a left-handed sheath?

It’s just for right-handed people.

Is there a clear coat on the knife?

Yes, there is a thin film/coat on it. To eliminate it, you will require sandpaper or a solvent.


The highard, beautifully made dark leather sheath is provided for the Wilderness Tool. A swivel belt loop on this sheath helps the knife to move out of the path as you move into the woods or forest. When traveling in a vehicle or truck, the knife could be pushed out of the path, rather than sticking one in the back or side like a typical knife sheath would.

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