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This knife is from a different epoch, clearly intended for utility better than battle. Our original alternative was the edition with the plastic sheath and synthetic handle, but the tenderness of the leather sheath and particularly the leather washers just earned.

The sheath may require some supervision, it is greased from the factory and actually a little thin and appears rugged enough. We couldn’t care for it and kneaded some wax in and it got on all in. The handle possesses a barrel structure, barely squished sideways earning a precise weld with the hand.

We wish the nice people at Ka-Bar didn’t construct this knife with our specific hand in mind, so perhaps it will seem similar to many others. The guard is little, but also only right, your index finger will not stumble onto the slicer but your thumb will effortlessly reach forward for some additional stress.

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The blade on its own is flat ground and possesses sufficient belly to slash wonderfully. The ridge is not sharp so it will most probably not throw sparks from a Ferro rod but permits assistance from the thumb for more tension. It also possesses a bit of an erroneous edge for about a third on the back and a trimmed-out tang so batoning may be alright. As a slicer, on the other hand, this knife is a pleasure.

It appeared very sharp from the manufacturer so if you want to take it promptly into the woods, you’re all good to go. We guess many other knife nuts perform exactly whether wanted or not with a fresh knife.

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Construction Style and Build

The KaBar Mark 1 possesses a full-flat ground blade, rendering the blade both slender, reliable, and strong.

It possesses the exact pommel the USMC knife retains, but the USMC knife has a flat-saber blade, rendering their techniques fundamentally distinct.

The popular, flat pommel that the two knives allot is not interfering, but if you possess large hands, it may worry you.

But the pommel does give an advantage, it is huge sufficiently for you to strike it with a mallet conveniently and steer it into a piece of wood if wanted. The knife’s technique is geared toward utility more than combat.


The arcs of the handle touch natural. The knife’s handle possesses a keg structure, but at the end, it is squished sideways scarcely, which offers it an outstanding feel.

The Mark 1 ratio is the handle structure with the USMC knife, whose grip is similarly formulated from combined disks of leather.

However, the leather handle improves your grip and renders it further easy to wield.

kabar mark 1 review


The KaBar Mark 1 arrives with a gorgeous leather sheath. The quality is terrific, and we don’t predict anything less.

The sheath has already been greased by the manufacturer, and while it appears thin, it is nifty rugged. You never have to bother about the knife jabbing you when you utilize the sheath.

The snap button is closed, and the knife stays conserved. The likelihoods of it removing out are thin.

If you will be using the knife daily, you can wipe some resin on the leather sheath to preserve it from hardening.


  • 1095 Cro-Van steel
  • Powder glazing to stave off rusting
  • Ample tang design
  • Satisfactory pricing
  • Top quality leather sheath


  • Just smaller handle
  • Compels sharpening before the main usage.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary use of the KaBar Mark 1 knife?
The KaBar Mark 1 is designed more for utility purposes than combat. It excels in tasks such as slicing and other general utility work.

How is the blade of the KaBar Mark 1 designed?
The knife features a full-flat ground blade, which is slender, reliable, and strong. It has a sufficient belly for effective slashing and a bit of an unsharpened edge on the back for added versatility.

What are the unique features of the handle?
The handle of the KaBar Mark 1 has a barrel shape, slightly squished sideways, providing a comfortable and precise grip. It’s made from leather washers, enhancing the grip and ease of handling.

Does the knife come with any accessories?
Yes, the KaBar Mark 1 comes with a leather sheath. The sheath is greased from the factory for durability and protection, and its design ensures the knife stays securely in place.

What is the construction style of the KaBar Mark 1 compared to the USMC knife?
While the KaBar Mark 1 shares the same flat pommel as the USMC knife, its blade style and overall design are different. The Mark 1 is focused more on utility rather than combat.

Is there any maintenance advice for the leather sheath?
Applying some wax or resin to the leather sheath can help in preserving its quality and preventing hardening, especially with regular use.

Does the KaBar Mark 1 rust easily?
The knife is resistant to rust, especially if it is kept dry and cleaned off after getting wet.


Apart from the chronological significance of the knife, the KaBar Mark 1 impresses with its outstanding shape quality and slightly that sounds true to the main iterations of the knife.

The knife is well-balanced and weighs just good, which, mixed with the wonderful handle, propels it sense like an expansion of your arm. It’s one of KaBar’s nicest knives and one that we can totally recommend.

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