Schrade Schf36 Full Tang Blade Review – Complete Overview

For outdoor enthusiasts, the significance of a well-equipped toolbox for camping or hiking trips cannot be overstated. Your toolbox must be stocked with the necessary gear to tackle any situation in the great outdoors.

Regardless of whether you own a toolbox, a key item to always carry is a reliable portable knife. If you’re in search of a durable, high-quality knife, consider the SCHF36 Full Tang Blade by Schrade. We’ve detailed its outstanding features and specifications for your convenience. Dive in and discover what makes this knife a must-have for your adventures!

Schrade SCHF36 Review

Key Features

1095 Powder-Coated Carbon Steel Blade

This knife is made with 1095 powder-coated carbon steel. This gives it a sharp edge and a durable exterior. If you are worried about experiencing rust and corrosion with this knife, you can put your mind to rest.

Complete Tang Design

This knife is uniquely made with a complete tang design. You can cut and slice it through anything with just a little effort. If you want a handy outdoor knife, this is a perfect choice.

Outdoor Activities

This knife is designed to work for all outdoor activities. If you plan to go hunting, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, or any other activity, you should bring this knife along.

Ferro Rod and Sharpening Stone

This package comes with a Ferro rod and sharpening stone. You don’t have to worry about getting this knife into the best possible working shape because you already have the tools for that purpose.

Ring Textured, TPE Handle

If you want a knife with a steady, comfortable grip, then this product is perfect. This knife is made with a black, ring-textured thermoplastic elastomer handle. It can work in any weather condition, and it is made for comfortability.

Lanyard Hole

This knife is designed with a lanyard hole that helps you to carry the knife around as you wish. You can attach it to your belt, your car, or any other place.

Polyester Sheath

This knife comes with a polyester sheath. You don’t have to worry about carrying t around safely

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Brand name: Schrade

Weight: 12.3 ounces

Length: 10.4 inches

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Pros and Cons


Everyday Carry Made Simple

This knife excels in daily use, boasting easy portability and multifunctionality.

Outdoor and Indoor Versatility

Primarily crafted for outdoor pursuits like camping and hunting, this knife also shines in indoor tasks, including cooking and household chores.

Safety-First Design

Engineered with safety in mind, it features a thermoplastic handle for a secure grip, resistant to heat and slippage. The added finger choil offers extra protection against mishaps. Accompanied by a polyester sheath, it’s travel-friendly and safe for bag storage.

Unmatched Durability

Constructed from robust thermoplastic and rust-resistant carbon steel. Simple oiling keeps it in prime condition. The included sharpening stone ensures the edge remains razor-sharp.

Ergonomic Comfort T

his knife is a testament to comfortable handling, designed to slice with minimal effort and provide a satisfying user experience.


Heavy Coating Drawback A notable downside is its heavy black coating. Initially, this may hinder cutting through tougher materials, requiring resharpening and partial coating removal for optimal performance.

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Schrade Schf36 Full Tang Blade Review


As a survivalist, prepper, or outdoor explorer, carrying a knife is crucial. Knives are versatile tools, tackling numerous practical challenges, and the market offers a wide variety. Among these, the Schrade SCHF36 stands out as an excellent, multi-purpose knife that won’t break the bank. We highly recommend purchasing the Schrade SCHF36 blade. Go for it and stay prepared! Cheers!

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