Kabar Mule Review – In-Depth Analysis, Tips & More

Having a good knife is a big flex. There is literally nothing you cannot accomplish with a knife branded with top-quality and excellent performance. Unfortunately, not many have been lucky to find the right choice for survival situations, hence a guide.

Sometimes, it’s not what someone tells you about a knife but what the blade says about itself. However, there are many incredible knife brands; not all of them will deliver precisely what you want. That being said, check out this Kabar Mule review and see if it’s what you need for whatever situation you come across.

Kabar Mule Reviews


Kabar is a popular company in the United States for its top-tier quality blades crafted in the best ways possible. This brand has different survival knives, like the Big Brother, Bk9, Tanto, Short, Mark 1, etc.; one of which will be reviewed here is the Mule series. Often, Kabar considers specifics before manufacturing blades for use.

Kabar Mule is a top-rated choice of the many survival knives from the brand. It is perfect for outdoor, indoor, and tactical use. From the appearance, it looks more extensive than most folding knives on the market; hence, you can only expect the Mule knife to deliver something more incredible.



Kabar Mule has two distinct features – the blade and the handle. The former is made of a hard-coated AUS 8A Stainless Steel that would get through anything. This 3.9 inches blade has a tanto shape with a combination edge to deliver great performance as a folding knife.

Additionally, the non-reflective black-coated blade also has stainless steel liners responsible for increasing the knife’s lateral strength. Indeed, there is nothing un-accomplishable with this knife.


The other feature, i.e., the handle, is made of Zytel material with anti-slip grips for better control. This grip also comes with rubber inserts for extra control and performance.

Thumb Studs

The knife uses a Lockback-style locking mechanism with two thumb studs for opening and closing. These studs are located on the two sides of the blade so that you can quickly flick it open when needed.

Pocket Clip

An additional feature to ensure that the knife looks customizable is the pocket clip. It is reversible so that it can be used in two different directions, correctly,


Kabar Mule knife is protected in a polyester sheath with Velcro and Snaps for horizontal and vertical carry.

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Open Length: 9 1/16 ins.

Close Length: 5 ¼ ins.

Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 5.88 ins.

Weight: 0.55 lbs.

Pros and Cons


  • Large folding knife for EDC
  • The blade is made of durable, heavy-duty steel
  • Easy to flick open on either side
  • Excellent lateral blade strength
  • Easy belt carry
  • The handle comes with a lanyard hole for attachment


  • A small pocket clip
  • The sheath encounters problems at times

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See below for some answers about the Kabar Mule knife.

Is the Kabar Mule a Good Folding Knife?

Generally, there are two types of knives – Fixed Blade and Folding Blade. Both types are popular, but their usability differs. A folding blade knife is somewhat easy to conceal and carry everywhere; it is the perfect EDC. On the other hand, a fixed blade knife is a bit difficult to conceal and may not be the ideal EDC.

Kabar Mule being a folding blade knife means it is a good one, following its features.

What Can You Use the Kabar Mule For?

Kabar Mule is a good knife but knowing what it is used for is equally important. Usually, a folding knife is the EDC type ideal for protecting yourself when in harm’s way. Indeed, it is a survival knife that would save you if you ever come in contact with an attacker.

How Durable Is the Knife?

This folding knife has a tough stainless steel blade that can only mean one thing – top-notch durability. Besides, every knife part has been constructed with some of the best features to deliver a good performance.

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Kabar Mule Review


Kabar Mule review is a great way to keep yourself informed about the need for a folding knife. If this knife offers what you want for survival, it would be nice to buy one.

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