Benchmade Infidel Knife Review – Complete Overview, Analysis & More

Knife designs have always been one of the most significant yardsticks of selection; most brands have paid attention to this feature. These tools’ simplicity and iconic nature attract more users, and it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the top brands like Benchmade to deliver.

Now, the problem lies in discovering whether a survival knife is an expensive, prized possession or a high-performance tool.

In this Benchmade Infidel Knife review, some things would become clearer. In the end, you have yourself to decide whether it is a tool that you need or something for a keepsake.

Benchmade Infidel Knife Review

The popularity of Benchmade has long spread, with different series of knives produced in different years. If there is something unique about their knives, it is their top-notch performance under varying conditions. In this case, Benchmade Infidel Knife makes it into the list of some of those with the best designs.

The brand has fascinated people for many years; however, the detailing of a knife, such as Benchmade Infidel, cannot be overemphasized. It is often called the Flagship OTF (Out The Front) knife because of its impressive craftsmanship.

More importantly, unlike other series-produced, it is not the available EDC – it serves as the perfect offensive or defensive knife, depending on the situation.



The tactical knife is rugged and tough, yet simple and ideal for complex field tasks. It is made of D2 Stainless-Steel that enhances edge-retention, making it suitable for hard-use applications.

Its fixed blade construction makes it stable, compact, and lightweight; the slim profile design also avails it to extensive use anywhere.


Its fully ambidextrous anodized aluminum handle aids the ergonomic satin grip. Also, the feature makes it useful in different areas without being limited by the weather condition.


The presence of a Boltaron sheath provides the accessibility of this knife for optimum use. It further features a Lanyard hole for versatile carry options and a glass breaker for efficiency.


As an improved tactical tool, it has a stylish and simple design – a Satin Finish Color.


Warranty: Lifetime

Blade Shape: Drop-Point

Blade Edge: Fine

Blade Length: 4.52 ins.

Weight: 0.48 lbs.

Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 ins.

Pros and Cons


  • Tough and Stylish
  • Excellent versatility
  • Iconic tactical design
  • Ergonomic and suitable in any environment
  • Lightweight and Stable
  • It comes with a large, black chrome pocket clip for easy storage


  • The deployment faces a little issue – it retracts

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Do you think there is more to know about Benchmade Infidel Knife? Below is a composed list of important questions to shed more light on the classic tactical knife.

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How Can Benchmade Infidel Knife Be Useful?

Unlike most of your pocket knives, the Benchmade Infidel Knife is different. It is undoubtedly a pocket knife but with a little more specs – an OTF, to aid its top-notch performance. It isn’t the EDC type because it is not a perfect choice for carving tents or slicing apples.

On the contrary, it is mostly used for defense – by law enforcement and knife enthusiasts. If you are also looking to intimidate an attacker, it is the best choice you’ve got. Hence, if what you want is different from this, you should reconsider your pocket knife options.

What Are the Deployment and Lockup Like?

Benchmade Infidel Knife is somewhat different from those you have seen from the brand; it uses a dual-action OTF automatic deployment system. That means, with the push of a button, you can slide the blade in or out.

Surprisingly, the button is functional, even though it faces a slight issue like retracting; therefore, you need to apply a relatively good amount of force and travel.

Is the Knife Worth It?

As far as you could tell from the description and features, it is one of the brand’s worthiest knives. It is an OTF knife that is quite easy to handle, alongside a formidable performance; hence, it should be worth a good value for the money.

Benchmade Infidel Knife Review


From this Benchmade Infidel Knife review, it is obvious that the brand interests itself in making something more exceptional. Even with minor weaknesses seen, it is one of the best choices for knife enthusiasts.

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