Sog Revolver Hunter Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

If you are a survivalist, you should have a small knife uniquely designed to handle rigid materials. This will allow you to save more time outdoors and in the garage. If you are looking for such a piece of equipment, you should check out this product specially manufactured by SOG. This revolver knife comes with many unique qualities, and we have reviewed them for you.

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SOG Revolver Hunter Knife Review


Key Features

Revolver Knife

This knife comes with a 4.5-inch straight edge blade, and a double tooth saw. The straight-edge blade is uniquely made from high-grade 440A cutlery steel that allows it to stay durable and retain its sharp edge for a long time. The double tooth saw will enable you to make quick cuts on rigid materials like wet wood. When you use this tooth saw on rigid materials, you don’t have to worry about the edge getting dull or blunt.

Designed With a Gut Hook

This knife is also designed with a gut hook that allows you to cut materials from flat and tight places. It also makes finch dressing very easy.

Made With a Satin Finish

The blade of this knife is made with a satin finish which keeps the knife neat and shiny. All you have to do is run your dry cloth over it, and it will get clean. However, you have to oil and maintain the blade regularly because it is not resistant to corrosion and rust.

Designed With a Toggle Switch

This knife comes with two blade edges, and you cannot use both of them at once. This knife has been uniquely manufactured to make switching between blades easy. It comes with a toggle switch that allows you to shake and switchblades in an instant.

Made With a Black Handle

If you are looking for a knife with a robust, ergonomic grip, this is the best choice. This knife is made with a contoured, glass-reinforced nylon handle that allows you to hold the knife comfortably while preventing slippage. You will be safe and comfortable when you use this knife.

Designed With Large, Flat Bevel Grinds

This knife comes with large, flat bevel grinds that make it easy to use force on your cutting surface when necessary. You can easily apply pressure on your material and get your job done.

Comes With a Black Nylon Sheath

This knife comes with a black nylon sheath that allows you to carry it around when you need it safely. This nylon sheath also comes with a hook and loop closure.

Comes With a Belt Loop

This knife also comes with a belt loop that easily attaches the knife to your belt.

Comes with a lifetime warranty

This knife comes with a lifetime warranty. You will use it for as long as you want.


Brand name: SOG

Weight: 6 ounces

Color: Black

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Suitable for All Minor Cuts

This knife is intended to allow you to perform minor cuts on rigid materials. It comes with two unique blade edges and a gut hook that allows you to sharpen and cut through anything, including wet wood.

Easy to Use and Operate

This knife comes with a toggle switch that makes it easy to use and operate. It offers two blade choices, and you can easily pick out the one you want to use.

Designed for Safety

This knife comes with a sturdy grip and nylon sheath. The grip allows you to hold the knife comfortably without risk of slippage while the sheath protects the knife within and outside the bag.

Made With a Razor-Sharp Edge

This knife is made with a razor-sharp edge. It is designed to cut through the toughest of materials, and it won’t get blunt quickly. However, you should maintain and oil it regularly.

Designed for Comfort

This knife is designed for comfort. The glass nylon handle sits comfortably in your hand, and you can use it without any stress.


You need to maintain this knife regularly

This knife is made with cutlery steel and a satin finish. It is not resistant to corrosion, and you have to oil it regularly for the knife to last long.


If you need a revolver knife built to perform all kinds of small tasks, then this product has been uniquely designed for you. The knife comes with many unique functions, and you would be happy to have it in your toolbox.

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