Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock for Ruger 1022 Takedown and Tandemkross Upgrade Review

Engaging in outdoor activities demands a substantial amount of equipment to ensure an optimal experience, and hunting stands out in this regard. As an enthusiast, equipping yourself with the appropriate guns and gun accessories is crucial for efficient hunting. A key component in enhancing your hunting prowess is the gunstock.

Equipping your rifle with a top-quality stock can significantly improve your ability to attach necessary equipment and accurately hit distant targets. For those using a Ruger 10/22 rifle, the Hunter stock, specially designed by Magpul, is an excellent choice to enhance your hunting capabilities.

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Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock Ruger 1022 


This stock is uniquely designed with unique features, and some of the key features are explained below. Enjoy!

Key Features

Bold Drop-in Design

Experience seamless compatibility with Ruger 10/22 receivers through the bold drop-in design of this hunter stock. Its design eliminates the need for gunsmithing, enabling you to swiftly attach your rifle to the stock.

Ergonomic Grip for Superior Handling

Enjoy the natural fit and comfort of an ergonomic grip. This stock features a grip design that works in harmony with the human hand, ensuring comfortable and correct hand positioning every time you aim.

Adjustable Length for Custom Fit

Tailor the stock to your precise needs with its adjustable pull and comb. This versatile feature caters to hunters and shooters of all sizes, allowing for easy adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

Reinforced Polymer for Durability and Strength

Opt for top-notch quality with this high-grade gun stock. Constructed with reinforced polymer, it offers unparalleled strength and durability. Its corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting performance.

Universal Compatibility with Ruger 10/22 Magazines

This stock not only excels in design but also in functionality. It is expertly crafted to accommodate all capacities of factory Ruger 10/22 magazines, providing a versatile solution for your ammunition needs.

Mlok-Slots for Accessory Integration

Enhance your hunting experience with the added convenience of M-Lok slots. This feature allows for the safe and efficient attachment of various hunting accessories to your gun stock.


  • Brand Name: Magpul
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Reinforced Polymer

This gunstock stands out as a robust, adaptable, and user-friendly choice for hunters and shooters alike.

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High-Quality Product

Choose this stock for its exceptional quality and durability. Made from reinforced polymer, it resists corrosion, wear, and impact, ensuring long-lasting performance. This stock offers multiple sling mounting options and a non-slip rubber butt-pad, enhancing your experience with unique features that guarantee satisfaction.

Easy to Install

Magpul’s design expertise shines in this stock’s user-friendly features. Its drop-in design facilitates effortless installation on compatible rifles, while the reversible barrel tray ensures a perfect fit every time.

Smooth Operation

Adjustability is key with this stock, catering to any shooter’s needs. Its design allows for quick height adjustments, while the M-Lok slots offer convenient accessory attachment, streamlining your experience.

Easy on the Hand

Experience comfort with its ergonomic grip. This stock’s design prioritizes ease of use, ensuring your hand remains strain-free.


Price Consideration

Be aware that this high-quality stock comes at a premium price. While it may seem costly, especially when adding accessories, the price reflects its outstanding quality.


Elevate your shooting experience with this top-tier gunstock. Its superior material and unique design features not only enhance performance but also make a noticeable difference in your hunting. Investing in this gunstock is a wise choice for any serious shooter.

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