Holosun 510c Gr Elite Rifle Scope Review – Complete Guide

There have been a number of recent optics panning out recently, and although they have little differences here and there, it’s difficult to discover features that really lay them distant from one another.

You can’t certainly explain that about the Holosun HS510C because it’s just too rare.

Holosun 510c Gr Elite Rifle Scope Review

Its design, how it looks and its features are all relatively distinct from other red dot scenes on the market, and it’s thrilling to discover something that stands out so Cleary.

At first glimpse, the Holosun 510C-GR impresses with its rugged build, extended battery power, and precise reticule.  It is credible and doesn’t hurt the eyes, and its somewhat low price renders it a solid scope, on paper.

In this review, we’ll quickly skim over all of the 510C-GR’s characteristics, point out the pros and cons, and glance at consumer feedback to enable you to infer if it’s worth your money.

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The surface of the scope is formed out of a sole piece of 6061 Aluminium, and the visual hood is formulated out of a titanium alloy, rendering it lighter.

Both of these substances brag special hardness and don’t corrode, assuring that the scope lingers for years.

The 510C-GR is waterproof and possesses an IP67 rating, which implies it can deal with venture without any problems.

It weighs 8.3 ounces, which propels it barely huger than the normal scope, but it’s still not huge sufficiently to be obvious.

You can utilize this sight in temperatures varying from -22°F to 140°F, rendering it eligible of full-field deployment.

Shake Awake

To also lengthen battery energy, the HE510C possesses a “Shake Awake” energy detector which can perceive activity and instantly turn the sight on. It will thus linger on for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, or indefinitely, relying on the automatic shut-off timer setting you’ve chosen.

Automatic Mode

In its default automatic setting, the HE510C will regulate ambient light degrees and boost or lessen the dot’s vigour to generate optimal perception. This ensures you don’t turn out glancing at a subduing luminous dot in a dark room, or striving to catch a dim dot on a bright day. Within auto mode, you can modify the illumination span to 8 levels.

If you like, you can similarly put the optic to manual mode with 12 brightness levels. The sight possesses a memory procedure to recall these settings.

holosun 510c gr elite rifle scope review


The Holosun 510C is very reliable. To begin with, the sight housing is created of high-strength aluminium and the lens is preserved by a titanium hood.

In accumulation to that, the windage and cliff skyscrapers are adjourned into the sight housing.

They can effortlessly be modified with the practice of a screwdriver or the verge of a spent cartridge, and there is no means for them to snap off if your sight comes to be blown or bumped around slightly.

The 510C is furthermore completely waterproof and can deal with rainy or wet situations without any difficulties at all.

Other Features

  • The scope helps two power sources: the sun and the battery, which is excellent.
  • The two power quotations expand the working period of the scope. It functions with a CR2032 cell and can operate for up to 50,000 hours per battery.
  • If you utilize only the dot, you can strike that criterion, but if you shift to the full reticle, its battery span falls down to 20,000 hours. This is not a deal-breaker since holding up an excess cell isn’t supposed to be an issue.
  • The 510C-GR posses two power modes: auto mode and manual mode.
  • The auto mode chooses the power source for the reticule and modifies the reticule’s illumination to the ambient light of your environment.
  • If the scope requires extra power to brighten the reticule, it will change the power source to the battery, you won’t want to fiddle with the discretions for anything.

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  • 50,000-hour battery duration.
  • Uneven housing
  • Waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Auto-turn off for battery savings.
  • Shake awake characteristic
  • Three reticule modes
  • CR2032 batteries are inexpensive and readily accessible.


  • No embroidering.
  • Button adjustment, the dial would’ve felt nice.

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What Are People Saying About the Holosun 510C-GR?

Buyers adore the characteristics and the uneven formation of the scope; many feel like the 510C-GR is a nicer choice over alternative scopes from RMR and Vortex.

Users tell that the reticle is strong and becomes very luminous and that there’s zero parallaxes when utilizing it. The low price renders it the nicest inexpensive reflex sight around.


The 510C-GR is an inexpensive still feature-packed rifle scope that shows off a sturdy built. It’s waterproof and stays valid even when utilizing it with a weapon with huge recoil.

It functions flawlessly in pretty much any type of climate, and the extended battery energy fused with solar strength aid renders it one of the most credible scopes on the market.


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