Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope Review – Complete Overview

Marksmanship isn’t only the art of shooting; it also means knowing the right tools or accessories are for shooting. The only thing important to every marksman is the quality of his weapon because it determines the accuracy of shots-on-targets. One way to ensure that is getting the perfect scope for his rifle, but that is one herculean task most people are not prepared for.

A rifle scope not only gives you visibility when locked on a target but also ensures accuracy when shooting. Somehow, it looks like a piece of material with a lens for focusing; however, certain features on the scope enhance its usability. Find out more in this Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope review.

Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope


Having a red dot sight is consequential if you call yourself a marksman. However, not many brands will provide precisely what you need, which is why you have to go for the best ones on the market. Luckily, there are only a few options in which Holosun is part, with a reputation of being one of the best manufacturers of red dot sights.

Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope is an easy-to-mount and adjustable red dot sight that performs excellently regardless of your skill as a marksman. The ability to achieve such excellence is none other than the top-tier quality features it possesses. More so, the operation is an easy one – an automatic accessory for convenient use.



One of the best things about this rifle scope is its durable and reliable body construction; it is made of Aluminum material. It is also packed with LED technology for good sighting and focusing. Moreover, it uses a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to improve visibility, activate night vision, and provide resistance to scratch and dust.


This red dot sight’s design is also one of the most impressive things about it. First, it has a strong, solid, and operable design, with its automatic power on and off, dependent on motion. Next, it comes with audible rotations and two separate mounting brackets (hi-rise and regular) to ensure control and stability, respectively, when in use.

Power Source

Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope works using a unique, popular type of button cell battery – Cr2032, as its power source; it works effectively between 20,000 to 50,000 hours. The battery comes with the package; however, you could decide to buy extra. When the red dot sight is not in use and the automatic-off mode is enabled, the battery life is preserved.


The most noteworthy feature of this rifle scope is the red reticle with two different modes – Standard 2MOA dot with 65MOA Circle reticle and Regular 2MOA dot. It comes with 12 different brightness settings for better visibility; the 7th is the default mode. The “+” and “-” are used to adjust these brightness levels to the most preferable.

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Pros and Cons


  • Solid and Reliable construction
  • A good battery life
  • Easy to focus and sight targets
  • Automatic on and off feature to preserve power
  • Two Reticle modes for enhancing performance
  • Multi-coated lens for waterproof, scratch- and dust resistance, and enhanced night vision qualities


  • Sometimes comes with incompatible Torx bolt and key

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Saving money to buy a Holosun rifle scope isn’t a wrong move, but here are some answers to clarify if you have concerns.

How Effective is the 503gu Rifle Scope’s Night Vision?

One of the significant features most marksmen look for from their rifle scopes is Night vision. Some people love to go night-hunting, and without this feature, it is somewhat impossible. Holosun 503gu has a multi-layer anti-reflective lens coating that ensures the night vision is enabled when needed.

Are Holosun 503gu Scope’s Battery Good?

On a better note, the 503gu rifle scope should be using a solar panel as its power and operational source. However, it uses a cr2032 battery, which is excellent with long-lasting performance. Besides, the battery is affordable and easy to come by.

Is the Scope’s Reticle Etched?

No, it’s not. The scope is quite different from many conventional types on the market.

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Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope ReviewConclusion

If you read this Holosun 503gu Rifle Scope review correctly, then you understand the need for red dot sights as a marksman. Begin your hunting career with this choice of scope, and have amazing shots right on target.

Make sure to tell us your views about this rifle scope.


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