US AR 7 Survival Rifle Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

Surviving the First 24 to 48 Hours: Essential Strategies

The key to overcoming a serious problem lies in successfully navigating the first 24 to 48 hours. This is especially crucial when stranded away from home, without access to your survival supplies. Therefore, having a reliable firearm in places like your car or workplace becomes a top priority in challenging times.

The AR-7 U.S. Survival Pack: A Game-Changer

The AR-7 U.S. Survival Pack from Henry Repeating Arms is a game-changer in both urban and wilderness survival. These guns are invaluable and versatile, provided they are not expected to perform at match-grade or as primary defense weapons. Maintaining them with annual firing, repairing, oiling, and storing is crucial for readiness in emergencies.

Having a suitable emergency device in a small kit can make all the woods or the city change. This leads us to the AR-7 U.S. Survival Pack from Henry Repeating Arms. They’re valuable, versatile guns as long as users don’t view them to match-grade or even daily defensive pistol requirements. Yearly, fire it, fix it, oil it, and store it to be available in an urgent situation.

US AR 7 Survival Rifle Review


This rifle features a 16-inch barrel with a stainless sleeve and a polymer shroud, updating the original Armalite design’s aluminum shroud. It boasts an orange plastic blade front sight and a rear peep sight adjustable for elevation. The receiver includes a tube for an eyepiece, which is not storable in the buttstock when in use. The durable plastic buttstock is water-resistant, and a manual safety catch is conveniently located next to the firing handle.

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Features: Modern Enhancements and Customization

A welcome addition to this 21st-century model would be a threaded barrel for attaching a rimfire suppressor. The idea of a kit that includes essential survival items alongside the rifle is innovative and practical. This modular rifle, adaptable for various tasks, allows customization of the kit components to suit individual preferences.

Assembly: Quick and Efficient

Assembling the Henry AR-7 takes less than a minute. The receiver fits into an off-center notch in the stock – a feature that ensures the rifle’s components stay secure inside the stock. After connecting the receiver and stock, the barrel is easily attached and secured. The magazine is then inserted to complete the assembly. Notably, the Henry AR-7 disassembles into parts that can be stored inside its waterproof ABS-synthetic stock, which can float thanks to its water-resistant coating and internal foam lining.

Weight: Compact and Convenient

Weighing just 3.5 pounds and measuring 16.5 inches when dismantled, this rifle is incredibly portable. It fits effortlessly in a backpack or a car’s luggage rack, making it ideal for space-saving storage. Its stainless steel barrel, encased in ABS polymer, and Teflon-coated receiver enhance its durability and weather resistance.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • User-friendly
  • Simple assembly
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Versatile use
  • Water-resistant


  • Limited durability
  • Not suitable for frequent use

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The Henry AR-7 has evolved significantly, featuring dual recoil springs and a heavy bolt. Its latest version stands out with a total Protective coating on the receiver and barrel, rendering it nearly rustproof. This rifle is a testament to the advancements in survival weaponry.

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