Pws Mk214 Battle Rifle Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) developed the MK214 Combat Rifle as a ‘developed area platform for the authorized rifleman.’ The MK214 could be the ultimate medium-range endurance combat rifle. The whole rifle has the build and accuracy of a 7.62x51mm AR rifle, whereas the internal long-stroke piston mechanism gives it the durability of the AK47 after which it was designed, making it an outstanding survival rifle.

The most recent model has had a few improvements, but the main components are still the same as the MK214 we analyze here.

PWS MK214 Battle Rifle Review

The PWS MK214 Combat Rifle is designed to be an internal framework for long-stroke pistons. This model is an upgrade to the classic operating system of direct gas impingement, commonly used by AR-type rifles. The piston system of the PWS MK214 does not seem to have the issues associated with the much dirtier system of direct gas impingement working.

It also does not seem to have the complications of carrier tilt and bolt shearing found with other piston systems. This is possibly due to the piston/bolt carrier of the single-piece PWS that travels as one unit. It is also related to the buffer tube strengthened by PWS, intended to reduce carrier tilt, where other piston systems enhance bolt shearing.

By giving it the AK’s internal role and durability, while giving it the ergonomics, modularity, accuracy, and appearance of the AR, PWS has taken a wholly different approach to their combat rifle.

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The fit is very close between the upper and lower receiver, and a solid fit is a collapsible buttstock. We couldn’t get some wiggles between the rifle bits. This makes for a rock-solid platform that needs greater precision, particularly when going for longer-range shots.


The barrel is indeed not free-floated, but it has been tightly fixed in place with the patented rail system. We wouldn’t dismiss others’ statements that it is highly reliable with 800 yards of replicable grouping. The experience was that they could take the rifle out to the range to try it out.

After sending the first round downrange at just how little recoil It felt. It was equivalent to extraordinary, of what I’d expect from a 223 (but with a stronger push and a less immediate kick).


We were certainly expecting the MK214 to kick a little more complex than it did. Even from a standing/unsupported shooting role, follow-up shots were quick. ”


We’ve encountered other reviews that say that after shooting massive amounts of fire in a complete vehicle, the upper rail begins to get hot. Perhaps the new rail system has taken care of the problem. We didn’t experience that either way, nor did we have any malfunctions or fire failures, but we only set down about 500 rounds, and we’re not running a full car at all. In every way, the PWS MK214 is a solid combat carbine.

The platform makes it possible to use any of the most popular accessories, including the Grip Pod GPSLE model, the Kryptonite Carbine Green Laser K-15 from LaserLyte, and the 1-4x24mm AccuPoint riflescope from Trijicon. A revolutionary handguard system uses a patented non-free float system that enables individual rails to be replaced as required by the end-user or unit armorer without eliminating the barrel, barrel nut, or even other rails.

This system requires various Picatinny rail-mounted instruments such as aims, lights, and laser targeting devices to be connected to the user.



One of the reviews we have gone through says

‘The PWS rifles are very well defined, for what they cost. I figured I had to make sure with this rifle, so I had to get a good glass and a good trigger. I have selected the SD-E Geissele trigger that I have grown to appreciate so much. With the EREK, TPAL, and red illuminated reticulum, I also chose the US Optics SN3 at 3.2-17 capacity. The only aspect I have yet to do is sort the optics mount, remove the grip of the MOE gun, and install some bipods. I have to figure out a sling method as well, since some rappelling, fast roping, as well as some maritime operations, can be seen on this rifle.’

The top and bottom of the PWS are remarkably tighter than the POF. We understand that as a set, the PWS upper / lower billet combination is balanced. Most possibly, this is why the fit is so close. It’s quick to break down the POF, and the PWS is a bit strong.

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  • It is extreme
  • It is compact and durable
  • It can shoot within an extensive range


  • It is expensive.


An operating rod attached to the carrier and a floating head piston connected to the operating rod is used by the PWS proprietary operating system. The MK2 range is designed to be an accurate fighting carbine.

This is the most rugged, simple, and flexible piston operating system accessible with no unwanted gas changes and only one moving unit.

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