Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz Review – Full Guide

A survival gear that doesn’t stress you enough to carry around is a Knife. They are quite handy due to their varying sizes, shapes, designs, etc. Usually, there are various types of survival knives; however, the folding knife is the most popular due to its usefulness for outdoor occasions, like hiking, camping, backpacking, and bush crafting.

Before you pick a folding survival knife, there are certain things you need to check. First on the list is the brand manufacturing such a knife because that determines its credibility. Cold Steel is one of the top-rated brands that produce premium quality knives; it always makes sure there are different knife models available on the market. In this Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz review, there are several things you will be exposed to.

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz


In the history of folding knives, the locking mechanism and blade quality are two features that are not great to write home about; however, Cold Steel, as a brand aims to switch things in favor. There is guaranteed performance with the Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz (out of the various brand’s incredible options available).

The survival knife is often regarded as one of the plainest tools that would do the job of cutting well. As a pocket knife that it is, it makes a huge difference from other folding pocket knives. For instance, it doesn’t whiz open with a thumb-flick like other types. Indeed, it is a powerful gear and must be handled with caution.



The knife has a significant 4 ½ in. drop-point blade, made of high-quality stainless-steel material. This feature puts it at the mainstream, so it looks more like a fixed blade knife than a folding knife. It has a plain edge, making it suitable for cutting; thus, it needs to be opened and closed carefully. With the help of its unique rocker lock, it is safe to either open or close.


The other significant feature is its smooth-steel finish handle that enhances a large and deep groove on your forefinger (index). This handle is ergonomic, so it stays natural when in use. Additionally, this pocket bushman combines simple design with top-notch strength, durability, and versatility to initiate the ultimate user experience.

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Blade Edge: Plain

Blade Shape: Drop-Point

Overall Blade Length: 10 ¼ ins.

Weight: 0.5 lb.

Dimensions: 4 x 0.25 x 13.25 ins.

Pros and Cons


  • A cool and shiny knife to improve bushcraft skills
  • Superb strength and excellent versatility
  • Feels natural and free
  • Easy to customize
  • A good EDC


  • The smooth-steel handle doesn’t make it comfortable to use in wet conditions

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Here are some answers to doubts surrounding the use of Cold Steel Bushman Pocket Bushcraft Knife.

What is Cold Steel Pocket Bushcraft Used for?

The folder is the perfect EDC, and that means it would be useful in many scenarios. However, following its design and features, there are many things it would do so well. For instance, it is a great choice to cut cardboard, tapes, ropes, zip ties, and even gut fish.

It would also be a useful tool for making tinder to start a fire – all it needs is to maintain contact with another knife or solid object for friction.

Is it a Fixed Blade Knife or Folding Pocket Knife?

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife is a folding pocket knife, but it seemingly takes a fixed blade design. The method of flicking the knife open with the thumb is not ideal here; however, you have to be careful, so you don’t cut yourself in the process. The rocker lock and the blade’s spine are responsible for how you get it ready for use. Moreover, you can customize it with a lanyard if you want.

Is there Movement Between the Blade and the Handle?

With the way Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz is designed, there is no movement between the blade and the handle. It also sharpens easily, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz ReviewConclusion

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz review above is nothing more than a valuable piece of information on choosing a fixed blade/folding knife for survival purposes. While you may get carried away with the incredible design and outstanding performance, please remember it should be handled carefully.

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