Kabar Mark 1 Review – In-depth Guide, Faqs & More

This knife is from a different epoch, clearly intended for utility better than battle. Our original alternative was the edition with the plastic sheath and synthetic handle, but the tenderness of the leather sheath and particularly the leather washers just earned. The sheath may require some supervision, it is greased from the factory and actually … Read more

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Your chances of survival in the wilderness depend on you; everything you pack for the trip counts. If you pack the right accessories or essentials, you will be doing yourself a lot of good; however, if you do otherwise, it is only a matter of time before you regret your actions. Therefore, you should get … Read more

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Sometimes, what people look for in a backyard tool, i.e., one suitable at home and in survival situations, is versatility. It could be anything because usability, regardless of the location, is a win. Most times, it always comes as a survival knife, and choosing what’s right will favor you in wonderful ways. Are you looking … Read more

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Folding knives are essential for survival gear. They are safe and fulfill their purpose. These knives can help you in various survival situations. We have reviewed the Fallkniven PC folding knife below. Fallkniven PC Folding Knife Review The Fallkniven PC is a contemporary folding knife, with some prime details. Undoubtedly, there is not a tintack so you … Read more

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The Bowie Knife is a structure much like the AR15 pattern. The popularly named Bowie Knife is common aspect with some aspects, but there is no one kind of Bowie, nor any special characteristic that makes or halts a Bowie Knife. In common a Bowie Knife is a huge blade, something eight or extra inches, … Read more

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When you are actually far from populated regions, you need to be skilled to depend on your tool; some things simply have to help, despite everything. The Fallkniven A2 is a representation of a knife of severe stability that will never disappoint you, a knife that can stand out under tremendous pressure. The purpose for its … Read more

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review – Complete Overview

Fallkniven is a corporation that manufactures beautifully usable knives.  They don’t create numerous blades, but each technique propels the thresholds of the patterns they work in.  High-end steels and hard rasps result in outstanding accomplishment, concocting something as outwardly modest as a camp knife or an allotted blade hunting knife functions on degrees you didn’t … Read more

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