Emmrod Fishing Pole Review – All-in-one Guide, Tips, Buyer’s Guide & More

In spite of its small stature, this rod doesnt let down when it comes to action. With it in tow, you can throw as far out as six feet. When you grab a fish, the rod performs an excellent duty of regulating tension.

Youll note that its exhibiting a built-in spring. The rod fraction is sufficiently adjustable, which enables to stave off snapping without forfeiting strength. The pole is extrapolated with graphite. The built-in spring and graphite pair is a controversial pairing, but its one that just serves.

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Emmrod Fishing Pole Review

fishing pole

The grip is produced out of a thermoplastic polymer hybrid. Its anti-slip and also retains a steel reel seat.

All around, this survival rod is small enough to hold up anywhere. However, it does not arrive with a wheel. It matches virtually any open-faced wheel. Nonetheless, you have to contemplate how the weight and layout of that reel will suit into your survival pack.

emmrod fishing pole review


Survival Fishing for Sport

Poles manufactured for emergencies and survivalist situations are a vital ingredient of outdoor sports. If you are a survivalist who admires moving outdoors and earning your way with small to no assistance, a fishing pole suited for survival scenarios is the precise equipment to assist you to snatch a meal. It can be utilized in duo with other hunting equipment, such as bows and traps.

Portability and Durability

You need to be sure the survival fishing pole you select is both logical and helpful. Items to consider when looking for a perfect pole for survival scenarios include its portability and its durability. You will not be prepared to stock your pole where you want it if it is not small and compact sufficiently, and you will not be eligible to make an adequate practice of it when youre out in the choppy if it is not durable and helpful.

Aluminum Reel Seat

Our Backcountry emmrod Fishing Rod features a sturdy aluminum reel seat. This seat will hold up huge when described in relation to other inexpensive plastic reel seats that can be seen in striving survivalist rods.

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Different Sizes and Sleek Design

The rod is accessible in a 5.5-foot length, a 6-foot length, and a 6.5-foot length when expanded. The rod has an elegant and timeless black and gold structure that wont get too blurred when set to the experiment.

Lightweight Design and Case

Our High-quality Brands Backcountry emmrod Fishing Rod enters with its own elective hard-shell case. The case has a padded reel purse so that you can conserve your reel attached to the rod when its put away. This render the rod abrupt and straightforward to utilize in a miserable situation. The rod by itself weighs 6 ounces and the case weighs 11.5 ounces. It also arrives with a small 7-inch tackle bag that can be fixed onto the case with affixed Velcro belts.


  • Weighs 8.3oz
  • Made of stainless 302 spring steel
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Fully capable rod


  • Casts slightly contrarily than a regular rod, but its susceptible to get the hang of.
  • Not as abundant proficiency to falsify an attraction in the water when correlated to an entire size rod.

Does It Work Effectively?

When casting with a lure, it casts adequately and everything appeared to work just fine.


We would approve this rod for anyone looking for a completely active pack rod that they wont have to complain about.

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