How to Wear Pocket Watch? – Detailed Overview, Tips & More

Men’s fashion has evolved over the years. Certain accessories were perfect for the everyday lifestyle until they faded due to new inventions. However, some of these accessories remained and has contributed immensely to ensuring an exquisite style. One of those vintage-yet-classy accessories is the pocket watch.

Pocket Watches date back decades ago, and today, they remain fashionable. Unfortunately, not many people know how to wear a pocket watch appropriately. For one, they are not the usual wristwatches – they are selective on the type of clothes you wear.

First, you need to know the various types of chains available for pocket watches. Following that, you should get right into seeing the different ways they go with clothes.

What are The Types of Chains for Pocket Watch?

One of the significant parts of a pocket watch is the chain that provides anchorage. Various brands use different types of chains for their pocket watches, which is why it is vital to know a little bit about them.

For a wind-up mechanical watch or a battery-operated type, the following chain types are available.

Albert T-Bar Chain

The T-Bar Chain also called the Albert Chains, is named after an inventor who made the style famous – Prince Albert. There are two kinds of this type of chain

  • Double T-Bar Chain
  • Single T-Bar Chain

for both, a pendant makes the difference.

On how to use a T-Bar Chain, choose a buttonhole in the vest or waistcoat – above the pocket or in the middle, and put the T-shaped bar into it. With this chain in position, put the watch in your left or right pocket, depending on hand configuration and accessibility.

Belt Loop Slide Chain

For a more casual experience, Belt Loop Slide Chain is ideal. This chain is designed with a longer length so that the pocket watch could be used comfortably. If you put on a pair of jeans or pants, the chain is hung on the outside, slightly above the belt.

After you must have done this, you could decide to put the watch wherever you’d love to, depending on the length.

Bolt Ring Chain

Another type of chain suitable for belt anchorage is the Bolt Ring Chain. Here, a suit or blazer is perfect for this kind of chain. It involves using the spring-loaded ring lock to attach the chain to the belt loop. Likewise, you could put the ring into any buttonhole and hold the watch in your front pocket.

With the different types of chains for pocket watches, it should be easy to know how to put on this special watch on various dressing styles.

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How to Wear Pocket Watch?

With Suit or Blazer

One of the fanciest styles of wearing a pocket watch is with a suit or a blazer. Often, most fashionistas love doing something different from the usual; thus, a pocket watch is a great way to start.


In this style, a T-Bar Chain or Bolt Ring Chain is advisable, as it provides the benefits you desire.

How to Wear It?

On how to wear this watch with a suit, attach an end of the chain to a buttonhole, and put the watch into the front pocket. As you maintain this style, a lapel pin, and a pocket square are further additions to make it better.

With Vest or Waist Coat

What if you wanted to go with an ordinary vest or waistcoat, instead of a suit or a blazer? There is something for you.


You would need either a T-Bar Chain or a Bolt Ring chain to do the job. Sometimes, vests and waistcoats blend between casual and formal; thus, you may need to be creative with wearing a pocket watch.

How to Wear It?

For instance, you could decide to put the chain in a buttonhole above the breast pocket or the middle, and then the watch in any of the pockets.

However, when doing this, you need to consider freedom or how much you want the chain to hang down when choosing a buttonhole to use.

With Jeans

For some, wearing a pocket watch with jeans might sound strange – the combination somewhat looks absurd. Interestingly, both are perfect, and they leave a great impression.


Moreover, Belt Loop Slide Chains were designed for this purpose so that you get the best of your watch.


Wearing a pocket watch with a pair of jeans requires proper styling, i.e., the right choice of jeans color. It would be best if you went for Grey, Black or Dark-Blue colors since they are perfect; stonewashed jeans, on the other hand, are contrasting. Also, a slim fit jean is more appropriate.

How to Wear It?

Hang the chain over the belt loop and slide the watch into the jean’s front pocket.

As a Necklace

The last option you have to wear a pocket watch is as a necklace. Arguably, these watches have been designed for the pocket, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be creative with them. On several occasions, people have tried to use them as a pendant or a necklace to improve their style.

When wearing this watch as a necklace, you should consider length as a critical factor. Also, removing the chain and replacing it with a strong necklace chain isn’t a bad idea. Altogether, you are creative on how to rock a pocket watch for casual occasions.

How to Wear Pocket Watch?

How to Take Care of a Pocket Watch?

For you to use something, then such a thing has to be in good condition. For instance, a pocket watch is a piece of jewelry that needs to be maintained at all costs, against damage.

Due to these watches’ nature, they are vulnerable; thus, the following tips should help in maintenance.

  • Clean regularly to get rid of dirt and oil
  • Use metal polish to improve its quality
  • Replace broken parts immediately

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This article is indeed for you if you already have a pocket watch and do not yet understand how to rock it. On how to wear a pocket watch, it has been made easy to find every occasion appropriate for the watch to go with you.

As you try out these styles, ensure you are intentional about maintaining the watch’s quality.

Let us know which styles you want to try.

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