Leatherman Style PS Review – Complete Guide, Tips & More

The Leatherman Style PS is a multi-tool that fits in your palm and appears portable for both traveling and daily life.

The Leatherman Style PS is built mainly of stainless steel, with a black fiber strengthened nylon (FRN) board on one side. Its overall length closed is 3” (76mm). Width is 3/4” (19mm), and thickness is 3/8” (9.5mm). Dissimilar to its brother, the Style CS, there are no alternatives for several colored FRN panels. Exempt for the plier head assembly, all equipment is available without unfolding the multitools.

Leatherman Style PS Review

The tool is directed around the plier’s head. Like all keychain size leatherman tools, the pliers are spring-loaded utilizing cams and backspins to provide a nice opening pressure without jeopardizing the plier head stability.

The tips of the pliers are very detailed, with nearly no side-to-side sway in the plier’s head. Dentitions on the pliers are somewhat forceful and adequately constructed, providing great grip. The wire cutters are surprisingly competent and will chop 12-gauge copper wire confidently. In the open structure, the ergonomics are amazing.

This tool can be bought alone, or concurrently with the Leatherman Hail pocket tool.

If you discover that a lot of your small blade wants can certainly be achieved with scissors, we assume the Style PS comes to be a real antagonist for everyday carry. While it’s extended than other keychain tools, it’s very flat, so it should drive well in a pocket. The carabiner renders it fast to eliminate keys, and it is very thin for the toolset.



Stability and Durability

Prepared from top-quality stainless steel, like many other Leatherman’s. The Style PS possesses only one handle scale that is formulated from very durable glass-filled nylon. The remainder of the formation is stainless steel, rendering this little multi-tool relatively strong for its size.

As for all-around strength, the Style PS is pretty nice. We’ve read of some people encountering problems with spring downfalls on the scissors but we’ve not experienced tete-a-tete any difficulties at all, your mileage may differ but with Leatherman’s outstanding warranty strategy you got zero to bother about.

Fit and Finish

All things that Leatherman sets their name on are attached to a great deal of quality, even if it’s part of their slightly costly alternatives. The Style PS is no different, although it’s so tiny, the awareness to feature is on equality to anything else Leatherman creates.

The only aspect we noticed is a slight play in both the scissors and plier’s pivot degrees. We noted this the first time someone got it and the proof that it has not been undone anymore is a pointer to us, that it must be constructed in patience enabling for a smooth system of the fewer tools and as the pliers are actuated the looseness fades away when the spring begins to put in some pressure.

One thing that did amaze me was the accuracy of the plier’s tip. All other moving aspects have a rigid but not too tight feel and fasten into their detent firmly.

Leatherman style ps review

Carry Options

The Style PS has actually has just two ways to be held up. The first and perhaps most common is keeping it right in your pocket with your keys. The next alternative is the carabiner, whether you clip it to your keys, a belt loop, or on a bag, the carabiner will maintain it where you prefer it.


As with most Leatherman multi-tools, the value is wonderful, as long as you take its constructed objective into reflection. As long as you know that the Style PS is not going to oppose with the Skeletool, Wave or Surge, you will comprehend what it has to give. However, its toolset is restricted.

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

Categorized as a keychain-sized multi-tool and weighing in at only 1.58 oz. the Style PS is nonetheless almost 3″ long. This is expected to the grip design, like the Skeletool, it has a carabiner incorporated into the end of one of the handles.


  • All the tools function adequately.
  • The pliers are very beneficial.
  • Small sufficiently to pin to your keys or drop in your pocket.


  • Tweezers can be difficult to get to.
  • More obvious than further airline safe multi-tools.
  • The screwdrivers will simply perform on actually tiny screws.

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Who’s the Leatherman Style PS For?

The Style PS is the exact multi-tool for periodic flyers and others who constantly discover themselves at a security checkpoint. It gives a little option of well-designed tools and wafts through security with scarcely a second look.

Even if you don’t often discover yourself emptying your pockets into those little plastic trays, the Style PS gives great importance to its little size. The pliers are some of the best vacant in the micro multi-tool market, and the screwdriver functions far nicer than you would predict.

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Leatherman indicates once again why they’re so respected in the multitool market. The Leatherman Style PS delivers you with eight tools in a tiny packet. When you’re handling a multi-tool of this size you predict there to be execution problems, though it wasn’t almost as obvious as we anticipated.

Our time expended utilizing the Style PS indicates that Leatherman has performed a pretty nice chore maximizing the efficacy of each of these tools.

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