Leatherman Rev Review – Full Guide, Tips & More

Leatherman is recognized primarily for its high-end multi-tools. However, the firm does understand that not everybody wishes to pay over $100 for a multitool.

For plenty of people, a multitool is only a tool they like to save handy in the car or kitchen drawer just because they want to put together a sharp fix.

The Leatherman Rev multitool occupies this space flawlessly, it’s economical and strong, and though it requires the bells and whistles of high-end categories, it possesses all the tools you will always want and stores outstanding significance for money.

Leatherman Rev Review

In this review, we’ll talk over everything the Rev multitool has to give, bring out the pros, and clarify the cons to enable you discern if it’s right for you.

The majority of the tools on the Rev are available only from the inside, though the sharp and well-made knife can be unlocked from the outside and locked into position.

The Rev opens very smoothly and the tool sits flawlessly in your hands when you need to utilize the pliers. Somewhere you get a helpful pocket clip, an attached package opener, a ruler, a can opener, a bottle opener, a file, and two screwdrivers. But it requires a serrated blade, so if you need something for chopping small bits of firewood you may want to peek elsewhere.

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Pocket Clip

In a scheme that we love, Leatherman encompasses a pocket clip standard when you purchase a Rev. Pocket carry is one of our valuable means to carry multi-tools. One the size and weight of the Rev conforms even faultlessly.

Replacement Parts

The Leatherman Rev needs any of the replaceable fractions you discover on extra costly Leatherman’s. It is wrapped by Leatherman’s 25-year exclusive warranty. It safeguards you against any shortcomings in materials or workmanship and they abide by their warranty.

Always on hand

With its portable size, handy design, and detachable pocket clip, your Rev is ever within reach and willing to function. You can easily carry it along with you to anywhere you are going or keep in your vehicle for easy reach.

Size and Build

The Rev evaluates only 5.9 ounces, and is 3.8 inches long, rendering it the precise multitool to put around in your pocket. In the pockets, it stands a bit like a huge pocket knife.

The structure quality is wonderful for something in this cost range, and the size compels it to feel incredible to grip, but the absence of corpulence renders it slighter and convincing to carry in hand.

Then again, the Rev amounts to a portion of other quality multitools, so we don’t believe the lack of weight should be deemed a put-off.

Leatherman rev review


The Rev multitool has a butterfly structure and arrives with 14 different tools, none of which are replaceable or detachable, and only one of which bolts in the knife.

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  • Outstanding importance for money.
  • Portable.
  • Wire cutters function perfectly.
  • Most tools are huge size despite the multitool’s small size.
  • Huge build.
  • Super-sharp knife.
  • 25-year warranty


  • Ruler relatively too little to be helpful
  • No scissors.
  • Feels inexpensive than different Leatherman tools.
  • Screw drivers feel trivial.
  • Parts are neither detachable nor replaceable
  • Difficult to unlock the knife with one hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying About the Leatherman Rev Multitool?

Leatherman Rev multitool users adore that its structure is just as huge as other Leatherman tools, and while some guess the less weight is a huge addition, others discover that it makes the Rev feel inexpensive.

Can I wear the Leatherman Rev Multitool on my belt?

Yes, you can put on the Rev on your belt utilizing the nylon sheath from Leatherman. You must buy the sheath separately.


Like all Leatherman tools, the Rev Multitool also does not dissatisfy. The excellence of construction is strong, and as long as you keep the multitool off from water and salt and lubricate the junctions once in a while, the Rev will survive for years.

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