Schrade Schkm1 Machete Review – Comprehensive Guide, Tips & More

Outdoor explorers can never have too many tools. If you enjoy the outdoors, then you have to step out battle-ready every time you go for your activity. You should be equipped with everything you think you would need on the trip. If you carry a toolbox, your box will not be complete without having a versatile machete inside.

Machete is longer than knives, and they can be applied more broadly. If you are thinking of buying a lightweight machete for your next trip, then you should take a look at this Schrade SCHKM1 Machete. This product is made with wonderful features, and we have reviewed it for you.

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Schrade SCHKM1 Machete Review

Key Features

Made From 3cr13 Powder Coated Stainless Steel

If you want to buy a machete, then you should get one with a blade made from strong, reliable steel. This machete is made with 3CR13 powder-coated stainless steel. It won’t rust easily, and it will last for a long time.

Designed With a Black Grip Handle

This machete is designed with a safety grip handle that is comfortable and easy to hold. The perfectly balanced machete sits comfortably in your hand, and you can easily use it when you want.

Made With a Front Quillon for Safety

This machete is uniquely designed with a front quillon that allows for extra protection if your hand falls out of the grip. You will not get injured, and you can return to what you were doing without any pain.

Comes With a Polyester Sheath

Even though this machete is long, it still comes with a polyester sheath that makes it difficult for you to injure yourself. All you have to do is package and store it appropriately.

Designed With a Lanyard Hole

This machete is designed with a lanyard hole that allows you to easily attach a rope to it and hang the machete anywhere you deem fit. You can put it on your wall or in your tent

Comes Multiple Storage Options

This machete comes with multiple storages and carries options. It comes with a removable shoulder pouch, a shoulder strap, a leg strap, and a belt loop. All of this is aimed at making you carry and access the machete easily.

Comes With a Ferro Rod and a Sharpening Stone

If you are worried about your razor edge going blunt, you don’t have to bother. The machete comes with a Ferro rod and a sharpening stone that allows you easily resharpen the blade.


Brand name: Schrade

Length: 19.7 inches

Weight: 6.6 ounces

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Versatile; Can Be Used for Multiple Activities

This machete can be applied to a wide array of purposes. It is useful but around the house and in the outdoors.

Lightweight; Designed With a Nice Feel

This machete utilizes a lightweight design, and it is comfortable to handle. It has a perfect balance ad you don’t have to exert yourself when using it.

Made for Comfort; Easy to Package and Transport

This machete is uniquely made for comfort and convenient access. The machete comes with a lanyard hole that allows you to hang it around. It also comes with a removable shoulder pouch, a shoulder strap, leg strap, and belt loop. You have multiple options when it comes to carrying and transporting this machete

Made With a Razor-Sharp Edge

This machete is made with a razor-sharp edge that makes it very easy to cut through items. It also comes with a Ferro rod and a sharpening stone to keep this blade sharp.

Built for Safety

This machete is uniquely built to keep you safe from injury. It comes with a polyester sheath, and it is made with a safety grip handle. If you are worried about your machete slipping off, then you should know it also comes with a front quillon that prevents this action.


The machete is not very strong

If you use this product for extreme chores, it might break in half. The machete has a perfect weight and comfortable feel, but it is lightweight. It should only be used for appropriate functions.


Your toolbox is incomplete without a machete. You should have a machete that can be used for heavy-duty tasks, and you should have another one for random functions. If you are looking for a machete that can be used for simple chores around the house and in the outdoors, this product is a perfect choice.

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