STIHL Pro Splitting Hatchet PA20 Review – Guide, Advice & More

If you are an outdoor explorer or a survivalist, there is a high probability that you would need wood in the forest. If you don’t have the right tools to help you get that wood, you would likely spend your night feeling cold.

If you want to buy a uniquely designed hatchet to create a kindle and serve other purposes around the campsite, you should consider purchasing this PRO splitting hatchet manufactured by STIHL.

This hatchet comes with many unique features, and we have reviewed them in detail for you. Enjoy!

STIHL PRO Splitting Hatchet PA20 Review

Key Features

Made With a Compact Design

If you are looking for a uniquely designed hatchet for balance and performance, you should consider buying this product. This hatchet is uniquely made for creating a kindle and handling other campsite functions. It is perfectly sized, and it has a balanced weight.

Utilizes a Drop-Forged Steelhead

Your hatchet should come with a strong head designed to cut through any material. This product certainly meets that standard because it utilizes a drop-forged steelhead. This head weighs 2.75 pounds and is sharp enough to cut through anything. When you are using this hatchet, ensure you keep your feet and body safe. If this cutting head impacts any part of your body with force, it will result in serious injury

Made With a Premium Ash Handle

This hatchet is uniquely designed with a premium ash handle that allows you to comfortably handle and use the equipment. You can grip the equipment quickly and use it for your many outdoor functions.

Designed With an Oversized Neck

This hatchet is designed with an oversized neck, and that feature is mainly to keep you safe. The neck makes sure that the cutting head doesn’t fall off when you are using the hatchet. With the cutting head attached to this oversized neck, you would be able to hit your target with more force.

Perfect Balanced Hatchet

If you are looking for a lightweight hatchet, chances are you would not find one. However, if you are looking for a perfectly balanced hatchet that you can use for a wide range of tasks. The steelhead is also contoured for efficient splitting, and it comes with a precision-ground edge for durability

Made in the United States

If you are looking for a high-quality product, then you should buy this product. This hatchet was manufactured in the United States, and that speaks a lot about its quality.

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Brand name: STIHL

Length: 19.75 inches

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Perfectly Balanced Weight

If you are looking for a hatchet that you can use comfortably, you should consider buying it. This hatchet allows you to control your swing completely, and you can use the hatchet anyhow you like. You can decide to use it with one hand even though we strongly caution against this action

Durable Product

If you are looking for a product that will last for a long time, then you should buy this hatchet. It comes with a steelhead that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The neck is also built for firmness and safety.

Designed for a Wide Range of Tasks

This hatchet is uniquely built for creating kindling. However, it can be used to perform a wide range of activities around the campsite. You can use it to cut through games and other rigid materials. If any action requires a powerful, robust tool, then this hatchet will come in handy.


If you are looking for a product that will fit your budget, you should look at this hatchet. This product is affordable, and it comes with great value. It would be best if you bought it as soon as you can.


Improper use can lead to serious injury

This hatchet is very sharp, and if you happen to use it the wrong way, you risk serious injury. When you make use of this product, you have to protect your body, and you also have to be careful


If you are an outdoor explorer, you know the importance of being prepared before entering the outdoors. You would need wood in the forest, and you can only get that if you bring along the right equipment. This hatchet is one such piece of equipment, and we have reviewed it in detail for you.

If you are convinced this product will serve your needs, we advise that you go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!

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