Cold Steel Srk Review

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Sometimes, you will find survival tools used in the military because of its immense benefits. For instance, paracords are good for many survival purposes; however, military men find it also useful to hold guns and perform heavy-duty tasks. Not to dwell so much on paracords, another relatable option is the survival knife.

Survival knives are constantly in high demand because they help in accomplishing various tasks during an adventure. Interestingly, there are different types of knives; a great upcoming variety is the Survival Rescue Knife. A good example is this Cold Steel Srk review that discusses everything there is to know about this type of knife.

Cold Steel Srk

  • Description

For decades now, Cold Steel has shaped the world with a classic set of knives useful in survival scenarios. The brand’s latest is the Survival Rescue Knife that serves as the perfect utility knife. While it is essential for several purposes outdoors, it is also useful for U.S. Navy Seal Team Members for combat training.

Without further ado, there is a good chance that Cold Steel SRK is the perfect bug out bag knife that would perform excellently well.

  • Features

Blade: Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife uses an Alloy Steel sk-5 with black Tuff-Ex finish blade (about 6 inches in length). It comes with a black coating that slowly wears off with consistent use. It further has a swedge that improves the tip, making it fine and reasonably good. Following field tests, the knife is perfect for carving, batoning, and light chopping.

Handle: The thick Kraton handle complements the functionality of the blade. The high-density rubber is a common handle material for most survival knives, as it guarantees good ergonomics. It is also heavy-textured to make grip as secure as possible. Furthermore, a finger guard, called a quillon, would provide the perfect means of attachment via a lanyard. Additionally, this handle enhances a balance, making it suitable to use even under wet conditions.

Sheath: At first, the Sheath for this knife was pure leather; years after, it upgraded into something better. Cold Steel SRK currently uses a sturdy, lightweight Secure-Ex sheath for maximum protection and storage. It also uses a nylon belt loop for versatile carry options for both sides (left and right).

Overall Length: 10 ¾ ins.

Weight: 0.23 Kg

Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 3 ins.

  • Pros

Tough and sturdy construction

The blade is heavily protected and reduces glare

A good chopping survival tool

Secured grip

Good to use under wet conditions

  • Cons

Thick blade makes it sometimes inconvenient

It takes time to sharpen

Buying Guide Questions

Would you like to know more about Cold Steel SRK? The following questions provide insight into using the knife for various purposes.

What Environment is Cold Steel SRK good in?

Generally, knives are categorized into different environments based on their design and uses. These categories include Urban, Combat, and Wilderness environments.

Urban Environment Knife: It is an EDC knife that would be useful in emergencies.

Combat Environment Knife: It is a suitable knife for combat situations, mostly used by military men, e.g., U.S. Navy SEALS.

Wilderness Environment Knife: This knife is best for outdoor purposes, such as backpacking, hiking, camping, or survival.

In this case, Cold Steel SRK is the perfect knife that fits both wilderness and combat environments.

What is the Knife Useful for?

A significant feature about this Cold Steel’s knife is its thick blade. The blade’s thickness doesn’t make it a good choice for fine jobs because it digs too deep. On the contrary, the blade makes it great for chopping branches and baton cutting.

Where is Cold Steel SRK Made from?

Originally, Cold Steel SRK was made in the United States; it first came with a Carbon V high carbon steel blade material. Later, it was moved to Japan. Irrespective of where it was made from, the quality remains one of the best on the market.


Cold Steel RSK review is an excellent guide to help you understand survival rescue knives and teaches how you to pick the best on the market. As you go through the different sections, make sure it is perfect for the work you want to do.

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