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Hunting requires a special set of skills. It takes years of practice to become a good hunter because there are several things you have to learn. One of those things is learning how to shoot in a fast-paced situation. It is not always easy to aim at a target on the run; however, a red dot sight would help.

This AT3 Tactical RD 50 review promises to be enlightening towards taking a good shot and enjoying a fantastic hunting experience.

AT3 Tactical RD 50


Red dot sights are useful in improving the accuracy and consistency of a shooter. AT3 Tactical RD 50 is a typical example of the top-rated and most affordable items available on the market to improve shooting skills extensively.

As small and compact as this shooting red dot scope can be, its level of both-eyes-open shooting is unparalleled. Besides, AT3 Tactical is one of the biggest producers of gun accessories for hunters and survivalists.

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Material Construction

The tactical tool is made of 6061T Aluminum body construction that provides strength and durability. It has a sealed housing with waterproof quality to ensure that it is perfect for as long as possible; thus, it is offered a lifetime warranty.

It further consists of a shockproof circuity that withstands impacts even when mishandled. More importantly, it maintains a scratch-resistant stealthy profile with the help of its matte black anodized finish.

Battery Life

The compact tool works using a CR2032 Lithium-ion battery. The battery life is one of the best seen, as it can last up to 50,000 hours at the lowest brightness level.

Mount Type

The interesting thing about this red dot scope is that it comes with a lightweight mount and armor. The mount is a Med 0.83” Pro-Mount Riser or Cantilever Mount. The purpose of this mount is to ensure adequate cowitness, as it is used alongside iron sights.

Multi-Coated Lens

The Lens is a special feature that enhances its incredible performance. It is a multi-coated scratchproof amber lens that would improve image clarity during hunting. It further comes with a rubberized cover and integrated lens caps for ultimate protection against damage.

Brightness Settings

The value of this accurate Crisp 2 MOA Red dot sight lies in its 11 brightness settings that provide optimal visibility. These settings are perfect under any light conditions.

Other Parts and Accessories

The other things that make this red dot scope worthy include rubber gaskets on the turrets (to maintain a waterproof sight), a lens cloth, an instruction sheet, and an Allen wrench.

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Power/Objectives: 1X25mm

Total Length: 2.4 in.

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Pros and Cons


  • Strong and Durable
  • Accurate and Parallax-free
  • Excellent battery life
  • Light transmission is at its best
  • Shockproof and Scratch-resistant qualities
  • Great image quality
  • User-friendly brightness levels
  • Dependable and Efficient


  • Not perfect for HD purposes
  • Brightness settings are controlled manually
  • The lens caps are unstable



On how to use AT3 Tactical RD 50 Pro Red Dot Sight, below is a list of the commonly asked questions.

What Brand Makes RD 50 Red Dot Sight?

Several brands make Red dot sights for excellent accuracy when aiming at a target, particularly during hunting. There is a dire need for a feature like this on a firearm to spot a target and not miss shots conveniently. AT3 Tactical is one of the best brands out there; the RD 50 Red Dot Sight is one of its best inventions.

How Many Heights Does the Mount Have?

This red dot scope comes with a Picatinny type of mount called the Riser or Cantilever Mount. It measures about 0.83 inches, making it suitable for shooting purposes. Ideally, the mount has two heights to fit into a shooter’s view perfectly.

Does it Fit on Stevens 320?

There are questions about the usability of this red dot sight on a Stevens 320. The answer is that it does, but not without a tweak. In this case, a Picatinny rail is mounted at the top of the gun to make that possible.

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The science of hunting begins with investing in the right equipment for top-notch accuracy. This AT3 Tactical RD 50 review has done so much to help you see why you need a red dot sight and how it can help you magnanimously

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