Magpul Terrain Sunglasses Review – Full Guide, Tips & More

Sunglasses are no longer just for protecting one’s eyes from the sun. The Terrain, a framework that combines Shielding, glare deterioration, chemical/dust/hot air immunity, and thermal safety into an incredibly comfortable, extremely high-quality brand that ultimately improves your interaction with the external world, has been introduced by Magpul.

The Magpul Terrain is made for the most discerning shooters, and it’s ideal for all who need thermal defense and complete Shielding in a bigger size.

Check out the Summit if you’re looking for a medium frame with a similar look. The Terrain offers intense damage resistance, toughness, and stability in a compact box, thanks to its polycarbonate lenses and frameworks made of the most challenging thermoplastic material used for eyewear, TR90NZZ.

Magpul Terrain Sunglasses Review


The structures are made of TR90NZZ and incorporate compact structures with impact resistance to provide durable strength and stability while offering full total protection Lenses and frames with Ballistic Rated Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 achieve both high-speed contact safety and protection scores.

The coatings treatment of lenses protects them from liquids and other chemicals while also increasing impact resistance. Annoying reflections are reduced by an anti-reflective film on the interior of the glasses.

Under caps, listening headphones, and over-the-ear hearing aid, comfortable low-profile temples blend in seamlessly. Easy but reliable hinge functionality is provided by polished steel screws. For added toughness, the nose and forehead pads are over-molded to the case.

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Frame: The Magpul Terrain shades are constructed from TR90 NZZ, a durable polyamide substance that has been designed to offer not only crack immunity when twisted or tilted but also high strength power, which is critical for any one of us who like our eyeglasses to resist falling off at the range if we happen to catch unsuspecting bullet stains.

Lens: The Magpul Terrain shades come with optional polarized and non-polarized lenses. Anti-reflective (AR) solutions on the interior of the sunglasses are standard in both options to reduce disturbing mirror-like reflections on the inner surfaces of the lenses.

The glasses also have oleophobic adhesives, which prevent liquids such as water, chemical products, fuel, and alcohol from accumulating on the glasses and facilitate free flow or beading up such liquids, allowing for a more precise, longer-lasting vision.

The lens frameworks have been beautifully crafted to enable the user to focus without blocking the area of view whilst also preventing the user from colliding with a gun’s buttstock while cuddling up into a comfortable cheek weld.

With no gun sight flare or weirdness, targeting reticle and holographic visions looked impressive through the polarized glasses

Comfort and durability: Reduced flexible temples fit in effortlessly with helmets, listening headphones, and over-the-ear hearing aid.

Temple pads and Rubber Noses are beautifully crafted to the framework for toughness and convenience, and polished stainless-steel screws enable easy yet reliable hinge usability. For people with large heads like myself, the semi-square glasses are ideal.

As anyone who owns an XL kevlar, I can attest that these are incredibly cool. They didn’t itch upon my vast dome, and they don’t seem to be tensing externally. The arms have a simple pad that is highly comfy and provides a bit of strength to the build.

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  • It is compact
  • It is clean
  • It provides durable stability and strength with complete total protection
  • Oleophobic application of glasses offers water and other chemical safety as well as added impact resistance
  • Polished steel screws offer easy but reliable hinge usability


  • They Are quite expensive

Frequently Asked Question


I have a big head, can I use these sunglasses?

Yes, this glass is made for people with large heads


The Magpul Terrain glasses are designed to be fashionable and functional. They do, after all, block the sunlight and make the environment somewhat more enjoyable to look at. This design features dark frames and a bronze lens with a blue reflection feature. They’re available in both polarized and non-polarized versions.

They’re known to fit with headphones, other standard equipment, and over-the-ear hearing aid. The lenses have a Ballistic rating of Z87+, which means they can withstand high-velocity effects. The Terrain is built for our most discerning clients, and it’s ideal for those who need full thermal and safety coverage in a bigger size.

The Terrain offers extreme damage tolerance toughness and versatility in a compact package thanks to its polycarbonate lenses and frameworks made of the best thermoplastic suitable material for eyeglasses (TR90NZZ).

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