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If you go off into the wilds, a knife is the most valuable tool you hold. As it is, it can enable you convene most of the requirements of survival, in any circumstance. If you want to shelter in an emergency, a nice knife is essential for trimming and designing materials.

If you’re hunting for food, you’ll require a reliable blade to chop plants or create traps. For fire lighting a knife will allow you to cut fire sticks and tinder, you can actually hit energy off the blade if you are required to. With a knife and an allotment of water, you can withstand almost about anywhere.

Apparently, there’s a big extent of viewpoints about the nicest knife to hold up. Only almost every outdoor fanatic or prepped holds up some type of everyday blade, normally a folder or Swiss Army-style one. These are portable and adaptable, and will endure with abundant day to day chores.

Kabar Becker BK2 Review

Kabar Knife

When you initially notice the Kabar BK2 it appears like a moderately regular mid-size belt knife. It’s 10.5 inches long all-around, just half of which is the blade, and retains a simple, rugged outlook. It actually seems like a minor, more recent edition of the old British military survival knife, which always had a good prestige as a solid and active blade.

As rapidly as you pick up the BK2 it quits being normal. Mainly that’s because you won’t have been foreseeing such a large weight in a knife this size. The BK2 weights nearly precisely a pound, and when you glance at the back of the blade you’ll notice why. It’s an ample quarter inch thick for virtually its whole length, before eventually tapering off quite snappily to the tip.

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Handle and Ergonomics

The BK-2 features an ample Zytel grip over it’s entire steel tang. This is an extremely essential handle design, and it’s precise for a workhorse knife like this. Ethan Becker apparently expended a lot of duration getting this handle shape right, which is the reason you discover it on his whole series of knives. The grip equipment is modest, but it’s compact and very strong.

The end result on the grip is tremendous. There are no strong edges, and all of the hardware is plummeted deeply into the grip. Rounding things out are a big size lanyard hole and a significant excavated drub that can be borrowed for hammering or grinding down things. This is a relatively clean and adequately active handle method. It has similarly been nicely enforced.


The BK-2 arrives comprehensively with a plastic and nylon sheath. The sheath is modest, portable, and rugged. It retains great retention, resulting in an extremely comforting cracking tone when you push the knife in place.

The nylon belt rope is natural and shows a snap fastener for more retention. It is totally taken off with a Phillips head driver, and the plastic sheath is riveted concurrently.

The rivet holes and slots put you with a lot of choices for molle locks, tek-loks, Para cord, and webbing. This is an excellent sheath and it commends the knife flawlessly. The only thing relief losing is that you are required to remove your belt to strengthen it through the belt noose.

The Weight

Presently, the nice thing about its weight is that it renders it an unprecedented tool for wood processing. The knife retains what cutlery lover names the hatchet effect a thick stock with a flat grind so there’s a large curve that allows it to wedge into the substance while you cut it.

The scandal of this specific blade, in words of woodcutting, is its length. It is 5.5 inches lengthy so you can’t certainly baton huge pieces of wood. But pertaining to wood that is 3-4 inches in diameter, you earned the weight and the blade that’s only roughly precise.


  • Feel and suit in your hand.
  • Control and confidence in the use
  • Conserve’s edge.


  • Many people are not comfortable with the weight or size.
  • The handle grips should have been micarta instead of grivory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people like Ka-bar BK2?

It’s a solid everyday survival knife that’s very adaptable; can be utilized in plenty of outdoor chores, batoning, slicing, chiselling, whittling, and others. However, it could obtain a bit extra length and forfeit a little bit of weight, it’s economical and exceptionally nicely made considerable quality, strong.


Though, people have recognized the sharpness of its blade as well as other characteristics like the nylon sheath, and ergonomics.

If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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