Gerber Parang Machete Review – Detailed Guide, Tips & More

If you will be going on an adventure into the wilderness, packing the important things you need is essential. As often said, different circumstances call for various measures; you aren’t expected to take the things only limited to hiking for camping, and vice-versa. Whatever you take along must be useful one way or another.

For instance, in a wilderness, you will have to do many things, including setting up a camp, clearing bushes, making fire, etc. With the right set of materials and tools, each of these tasks shouldn’t be difficult to do; a guide should help you with the processes of completing these tasks. One of the essential tools you’ll need is a machete, and with this Gerber Parang Machete review, you are about to discover how to do things the easy way.

Gerber Parang Machete

Gerber Parang Machete Review


Gerber Gear has often contributed immensely to the production of survival gear with top-notch qualities. Whatever you get from the brand always has a way of satisfying customers adequately, so they won’t have to go through unnecessary maintenance pressure. For many years, this brand has dominated the industry with this quality of services.

Gerber Parang Machete, also called the Bear Grylls Parang Machete, is a fascinating product because of its limitless potentials. This survival tool is perfect for camping, hiking, and any wooded environment. It is an ideal choice for clearing bushes and limbs, for easy access, or making routes to a destination.

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Gerber Parang Machete serves people in different ways, which is all due to its features. Some of these features include;

Blade Construction

This survival machete’s blade is made of robust high carbon steel material that improves its strength, durability and ensures its corrosion resistance.

This blade has a curved parang-style, making it ideal for effectively, heavy chopping; indeed, it is a better alternative to straight blades. More importantly, the 13.5 inches’ blade has sharp edges with full-tang construction, further boosting durability.


Apart from the angled blade, the machete features an orange-plastic handle with an ergonomic textured rubber grip to make swinging a lot easier. There is a heavy reduction of slippage with maximization of comfort so that clearing or chopping is seamless.

Lanyard Cord

Gerber Parang Machete has a unique lanyard cord for easy attachment while acting as a guard for enhanced grip security.


There is also a nylon sheath that comes with the machete for more security and protection.

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  • An excellent choice for heavy chopping and clearing of bushes/limbs
  • Comfortable and Secure
  • Offers a great, smooth swing
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Reduced slippage


  • Machete accessibility from sheath isn’t that easy

Buying Guide Questions

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete has a questionable performance, which is why uncertainties are surrounding it. Below is a list of some of these questions.

Do You Always Need to Carry Gerber Parang Machete?

A Gerber Parang Machete is a special tool for specific purposes such as heavy/light chopping, bush clearing, etc. It is also perfect if you are in a wooded environment. Therefore, you don’t always need to carry the machete around unless you are in any situations that warrant using it.

Do You Still Need a Knife After a Machete?

The similar things between a knife and a machete are the blade and handle. However, the differences are in the length, ergonomics, and usability. If you plan a survival adventure, you need both a survival knife and a good machete since they both come in handy in different circumstances.

How Long Can You Use Gerber Parang Machete?

Gerber Parang Machete doesn’t only assure you of strength and swinging performance but also durability. It is made of high carbon steel material, which can provide lifelong benefits without losing its quality. If you wonder how long you can use this survival tool, you should know that you are looking at a lifetime of consistency with significant maintenance.


Gerber Parang Machete review is your one ticket to knowing how to use survival tools in wooded environments. As long as this machete is adequately maintained, its performance wouldn’t fall short in any way if you ever need to use it in the wilderness.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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