Leatherman Free T2 Review – In-depth Overview, Tips & More

Recently, multitools have become a thing because they make life easier and better. Today, most people don’t have to go around with a couple of hand tools to get things done; there is much dependence on lightweight multitools to do the work. However, what becomes a problem is finding the best place or brand to patronize for a particular toolset.

If you are here for this guide, that means you need something – a multitool that will convince you that it is deserving. With so much respect for this tool business, there is only a few out of many that guarantees excellent performance. Find out more in this Leatherman Free T2 review.

Leatherman Free T2

Leatherman Free T2 Review


Leatherman isn’t a strange name you’ll be coming across if you are used to the multitool business; they are top-rated manufacturers. Hopefully, for others who aren’t aware, this guide has helped you with a little piece of information on where to turn to for multitools. This brand produces different toolsets in various models and designs; thus, they are highly valued above many other manufacturers.

Leatherman Free T2 is another exciting product in the FREE Series; there are the P2, P4, and even the T4. Other models include the Wave, Micra, Charge Plus TTi, etc. Let’s take a look at the various incredible things the Free T2 has to offer, different from what others would, even though they are similar in functions and designs.

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Leatherman Free T2 multitool is a fantastic tool designed to look small but heavy on its performance. It is a multipurpose tool with a compact design due to the stainless steel body construction that guarantees durability and impact-resistance. Indeed, it is the perfect workhouse for certain hand tasks.

As you must know, this multitool has enhanced ergonomics making it comfortable to use in the palm of the hand. It feels natural as it offers one-hand access. With perfect ergonomics like this, all you have to do is pop the tools open with the push of the finger, i.e., the thumb.

Leatherman Free T2 Multitool differs from other types of the brand, with the number of tools present. Unlike the Free P4, there are only 8 tools in this multitool. These tools are essentials, and they include screwdrivers, pry tool, bottle opener, etc.

Every multitool has its unique locking mechanism; the Free T2, uses Magnetic locking. The essence of this feature is to reduce friction and provide a haptic effect on use. Additionally, this EDC pocket tool comes with cam locks to secure open tools in place when using them.

Its dimensions are 6.06 x 3.38 x 1.5 ins and its weight is 3.3 Oz.

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  • Durable and Reliable
  • Ideal EDC Pocket Knife
  • Secure with easy access
  • Reduces friction extensively
  • A good locking mechanism


  • None

Buying Guide Questions

There are wonders around Leatherman multitools like the Free T2; below are a few clarities.

What Makes Leatherman Free T2 Different?

Leatherman tools are almost the same when you see them from a distance; however, you begin to see the differences when you consider some things. For instance, the T2 and P4 multitools are two models from the FREE series.

However, they are different even with the integrated FREE technology. Leatherman Free T2 is different from others in its accessibility, i.e., one-hand accessible design, and a number of tools, i.e., 8, while being an EDC pocket tool.

Does the Free T2 Come with a Sheath?

Unlike the Leatherman Free P4, the T2 doesn’t come with a premium nylon sheath. The reason for having a sheath in the first place is to ensure top-notch protection and safety.

However, due to its design, you may not find that necessary. However, it would be best if you handled it with care.

Where are Leatherman Tools Made?

Leatherman is a USA brand, meaning all its products are made in the United States. The brand makes use of different technologies depending on the model of the multitool.


Do you now think a multitool is worth it? Definitely, it is. With the Leatherman Free T2 review, you should know what you should go for from here.

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